What’s the state of the air in your city?

The Americans are concerned about the oil in the Gulf of Mexico. The Europeans are worrying about the volcanic clouds coming from Iceland. But what about what is going on in your immediate … [Read more...]

What causes premature skin aging?

Millions of people, especially women, spend lots of money each year to counteract the effects of aging, most especially on the face. But what causes premature aging? According to researchers, about … [Read more...]

The health effects of the WTC attacks: 8 years later

Eight years after the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center (WTC), the so-called “9/11 fatigue” has supposedly set in, e.g. where people are simply tired of hearing, talking, and remembering the … [Read more...]

Air pollution and cardiovascular disease Part II

In a previous post, , I tackled the cardiovascular effects of air pollution, especially the traffic generated fine particles. Aside from cardiovascular problems, air pollution also has some … [Read more...]

Dust in the wind: air pollution and cardiovascular health Part I

Resource post for February The level of air pollution is increasing globally. While developed countries are trying to curb air pollution through laws and regulations, many low- and middle income … [Read more...]

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