The Challenges of Health Care for an Aging Population

Many dire predictions surround the effects of the aging Baby Boomer generation on the health care system. A severe shortage of health care workers combined with costs that threaten to implode Medicare … [Read more...]

Happiest Woman in America – Health Tips [11-02-2011]

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! A woman (/ˈwʊmən/), pl: … [Read more...]

Fitness Tips – Help prevent Osteoporosis

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! Russ Melgar, fitness instructor, … [Read more...]

Beauty – My First Wrinkle Cream.

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Learn about Microdermabrasion: Skin Care and Beauty Tips

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Body Ecology – Beauty & Anti-Aging Secrets Video Training promo v2

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency Associated with Aging and Chronic Disease Determinant

Introduction Micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals are essential for biological reactions, acting on the aging process. In developed countries, the classic syndromes of vitamin deficiency … [Read more...]

In pursuit of happiness Part II: why the older are happier

Why are the frail elderly happier than the dynamic young? In last week’s post, I discussed a bit about the so-called U-Bend of Life as reported in the Dec 16 issue of The Economist. This week, let … [Read more...]

Menopause and cancer: is there a link?

The years up to when I’d be undergoing menopause can be counted on my fingers. Although I’ve read up on menopause and menopausal symptoms, I still anticipate the stage with trepidation. Menopause … [Read more...]

Looking forward to old age

Is there something positive about aging? We have previously tackled the topic of aging being considered a disease to be dreaded that needs treatment. In our current society, youth is revered and … [Read more...]

Testosterone for the elderly: good for the muscles, bad for the heart?

Aging comes with a lot of difficulties, including decreased mobility which limits an old person’s independence and overall quality of life. Health experts believe that impaired mobility in the elderly … [Read more...]

Exercise your way away from dementia

As we grow older, we might experience mild cognitive impairment, which is basically a consequence of the aging process. Mild cognitive impairment, which usually starts at midlife, is defined as “an … [Read more...]

Watching over our aging parents

As we approach middle age, our parents approach old age, and we are faced with the possibility that our aging parents will run into problems that comes with age. I lost both my parents years back. I … [Read more...]

Physical exercise and aging

Does physical exercise slow down aging? Many studies have indicated that this is the case. A more recent study by German researchers compared four groups of people. Two groups were trained … [Read more...]

Welcome to Battling Aging

Welcome to the our latest health topic here at Battling for Health - Aging. From now on, we will be bring you news and views on this highly relevent topic. Stay tuned! … [Read more...]

On stress and aging

September is Healthy Aging®Month in the US, an annual observance month designed to focus attention on the positive aspects of growing older. Last week, September 18 was National Aging Awareness Day in … [Read more...]

Cancer vs. Aging: take your pick

It is one of those biological paradoxes: what protects us from cancer early in life accelerate aging that makes us more susceptible to cancer later in life. This is according to a study by researchers … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Treat the Dry Eye of the Aging Beholder

The aging process means that there are all sorts of changes to your body and one of those changes has to do with your eyes. Older adults tend to experience dry eyes because tear production slows down. … [Read more...]

Want to live longer? – RUN!

Let's continue with our Olympics special this week and look at what exercise can do for you. If you want to stay active and live longer, running seems to be the sports for you. A study showing the … [Read more...]

Exercise makes the heart grow younger

As we grow older, our body and its organs deteriorate. Including our heart. Now, is there in any way that we can slow down, even reverse our heart's aging process? Researchers at the Washington … [Read more...]

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