The gender-bending compounds in the water

Environmental research shows that certain compounds in the water are causing reproductive problems in aquatic animals, such as fish and frogs. There is increasing evidence that these compounds are … [Read more...]

The Human Egg Cell Raffle

No, it’s not a joke. There’s going to be a raffle on March 17, 2010 and the grand prize is a human egg cell. Is this a publicity stunt or a god-sent blessing for infertile couples? Who is … [Read more...]

Finally mom after 18 miscarriages

Research studies on infertility focus on facilitating the process of conception. Thus, millions of babies have been born through in vitro fertilization (IVF). On the other hand, less attention is … [Read more...]

Tick tock goes the male biological clock

Tick tock tick tock. As soon we women reach the age of 30, we hear the biological ticking away as we try to hold on to our fertility just for another while. But what about men? Don’t they have a … [Read more...]

Home test kit for male infertility

About 15% of couples are childless and about 50% of these cases may be due to male infertility, according to Urology web. Yet, this is a fact that is difficult for men to accept. In many cultures, … [Read more...]

Lab-made sperms to help understand infertility

Lab-made sperms? Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie but it is not as impossible as you think. In fact, we are almost there. In 2009, two groups of scientists claimed that they … [Read more...]

Helping cancer patients retain their fertility

Cancer treatments sometimes come with a price – infertility and inability to have children. This is especially hard on women. While men have the option to have their sperms frozen before starting … [Read more...]

Fertility treatments and cancer

We know that some cancer treatments (e.g. radiation and chemotherapy) pose a serious risk to a patient’s fertility. It seems that this might also be true the other way around, i.e. certain fertility … [Read more...]

How to choose a fertility clinic

For many who are suffering from infertility, the only hope to fulfill their wish for children is through a fertility clinic. How does one choose a fertility clinic? It can vary from country to country … [Read more...]

The world’s oldest moms

In this first post in Battling Infertility, I’d like to kick off the discussion about parental age and reproduction by giving you a list of some of the oldest mothers in the world, courtesy of … [Read more...]

Welcome to Battling Infertility

The Battling for Health team brings you a new health topic -Infertility. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this important topic. … [Read more...]

Brain Disease

Brain Disease presents new insights and concepts gained through recent research in brain disease. Leading world scientists review the latest experimental and clinical findings on which the central … [Read more...]

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