New at Battling for Health: SmartPhone Health Apps Series

How is the new multimedia technology changing our lives? In lots of ways. Recently, Apple announced that more than 2 billion phone applications (apps for short) have been downloaded. And that’s … [Read more...]

13 amazing uses for cucumber

My kids love cucumber. They would devour them day and night as part of a salad, as filling to their sandwiches, or simply raw veggie cuts with or without dips. Cucumbers are easy to transport, can … [Read more...]

The gender-bending compounds in the water

Environmental research shows that certain compounds in the water are causing reproductive problems in aquatic animals, such as fish and frogs. There is increasing evidence that these compounds are … [Read more...]

The MS Cure Part II: proponents and opponents of CCSVI

Last week, I discussed about CCSVI, short for chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency, the new theory of Italian doctor Paolo Zamboni that many people say is the revolutionary MS cure we have been … [Read more...]

The Human Egg Cell Raffle

No, it’s not a joke. There’s going to be a raffle on March 17, 2010 and the grand prize is a human egg cell. Is this a publicity stunt or a god-sent blessing for infertile couples? Who is … [Read more...]

Salt and your heart health, Part I: Do we know how much salt do we eat?

When it comes to out diet, we are very particular about our sugar intake. Think about all the sugar-free products available in the market. Cola light, Coke zero, sugar-free candies, artificial … [Read more...]

Think about rare diseases on February 28

One of the February events I forgot to mention earlier this month is the Rare Diseases Day which falls on February 28. You might have stumbled across these terms before: rare diseases, orphan … [Read more...]

February diabetes updates

Once again, I am bringing you the latest updates on diabetes. Erectile dysfunction linked to diabetes There are many factors that can affect sexual function. Certain metabolic diseases, for … [Read more...]

Third hand smoke sticks, stays, – and kills

While most countries in the developed world are smoke-free, Switzerland, the country that is super-clean, super-efficient and super-healthy is still struggling with its anti-smoking legislations. The … [Read more...]

Paper linking vaccination and autism retracted – now what?

Who would ever have thought that a medical article aimed for a medical professional audience would have such a profound effect on a layman’s attitude towards vaccines? I mean, thousands and thousands … [Read more...]

Traveling safely and happily during the Lunar New Year

 The Lunar New Year is just around the corner. The start of the Year of the Tiger falls on February 14 and coincides with Valentine’s Day. For many people, this is going to a very special day, a day … [Read more...]

Don’t let death catch you sitting down

Sedentary behavior does not only increase the risk for cardiovascular disorders, it also increases the overall risk for death not necessarily due to heart disease, according to Australian researchers. … [Read more...]

Moms’ tips on healthy family diet

It is not always easy to convince kids to eat fruits and vegetables. Every day, they may be bombarded with media images of junk food such as chips, fries, sweets and soft drinks that they really can’t … [Read more...]

Walk, Jog, or Run : Get Movin’ for a Cause in 2010

It is still cold, I know, but we had a bit of sun today. And in a couple of weeks, it might be warm enough to start jogging again. Mind you, I don’t let Jack Frost stop me from going running. … [Read more...]

Talking about tinnitus

Only people who have suffered from this disorder can describe what it really “sounds” like. Descriptions range from soft hissing, to an annoying buzzing, to a downright loud roar of pneumatic drill. … [Read more...]

Lab-made sperms to help understand infertility

Lab-made sperms? Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie but it is not as impossible as you think. In fact, we are almost there. In 2009, two groups of scientists claimed that they … [Read more...]

Beware of the New Year Hazards

Sorry, I don’t want to be such a spoilsports and dampen your holiday spirit. But studies have shown that a lot of accidents happens at certain time of the year, especially around the 4th of July in … [Read more...]

X’mas stress and depression: tips for prevention

`Tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la… But the holiday season can bring not only good mood and goodwill but stress and depression. The holiday season in the US starts can start as early as … [Read more...]

Meaningful Christmas Shopping Part II: Presents that are Safe, Green, and Fair

Many of us are still struggling with our list of Christmas gifts to be bought while world leaders are discussing Climate Change in freezing Europe. So where’s the link? Every Christmas, our carbon … [Read more...]

Don’t let health problems stop you from celebrating Christmas

Christmas is not only for the healthy and fit. Each of us should have something to celebrate, big or small during the holiday season, whether we are healthy or ill. When we are ill we sometimes wonder … [Read more...]

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