TMW: Back and Biceps Day

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Bulking and Cutting Tips

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How I lost weight MUST SEE!

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How I’m Keeping Off Over 150 Pounds! My Top Weight Loss and Diet Tips!

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Your Weight Loss – How to Lose Weight Fast ~Pt. 2

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Your Weight Loss – How to Lose Weight Fast ~Pt. 1

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How To Build Muscle Fast

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3 Easy Tips To Lose Fat – Your Weight Loss

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Warning Signs, Prevention and Treatment

Alzheimer's disease is a serious condition that slowly destroys the brain. It begins by breaking down a person's short term memory and spreads to other brain functions. It spreads through the brain … [Read more...]

How My Skin Condition Devastated Me (And Created Me A New Life)

This is the first in a series of articles by Johnny Palmer of He talks about how his skin condition turned his life into bouts of depression, nothingness and how he has used … [Read more...]

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Associated with Aging and Chronic Disease Determinant

Introduction Micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals are essential for biological reactions, acting on the aging process. In developed countries, the classic syndromes of vitamin deficiency … [Read more...]

Microvascular complications of diabetes: retinopathy

Diabetes comes with a lot of complications, both on the macrovascular and microvascular scale. Macrovascular complications, as the term suggest, involve the large blood vessels and under this … [Read more...]

Caregivers deserve to have fun, too – here’s how

It is a sad fact but while people are partying and celebrating during the holiday season, some people are especially put under stress at this time of the year that can lead to burn out and depression. … [Read more...]

Family Health History Part I: Why is it important?

Many health problems have a genetic component to it. Yet, many of us never look back at our past for lessons for the future. Until health history repeats itself. Take me, for example. I was quite ill … [Read more...]

Have yourself a merry little green Christmas

Once again it's that time of the year when we eat, drink, and be merry to the the fullest. Christmas is the season to jolly. We bake, we decorate, we shop, and everybody is having fun.  But can you … [Read more...]

`Tis the season for heart attacks?

‘Tis the season for joy and cheers ... and cardiac events. Okay, I don't want to dampen your high spirits during the holidays but it has been shown again and again that there is a distinct spike in … [Read more...]

“The Flu ends with ‘U’”

The FLU ends with "U". That is the current slogan of the Flu Vaccination Week in the US.  Pregnant women urged to have the flu vaccine Pregnant women are pretty wary of taking medications. With … [Read more...]

Music-based multitasking exercise program helps improve gait and balance in the elderly

Uncertainty of gait, impaired mobility and loss of balance. These are just a few of the physical downsides of aging. All of these lead to high prevalence of falls and injuries in the elderly. And … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding prevents metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is condition characterized by the presence of multiple risk factors in 1 patient, making that patient highly predisposed to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Metabolic risk … [Read more...]

Wednesday, April 7th is World Health Day

April 7 is World Health Day. This year’s theme for World Health Day is “1000 cities, 1000 lives.” The Day is set on April7, 2010 but events are planned worldwide from April 7 to 11. Here are the … [Read more...]

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