Cancer celebrity news, 21 January

Steve Jobs went to Switzerland in search of cancer treatment I guess the biggest cancer news this week is the announcement that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence for health reasons. … [Read more...]

Call for Action to Breastfeed

Everybody knows that breastfeeding is the best and benefits both mother and child. Yet, although 75% of mothers initiate breastfeeding, only 13% stick it out up to 6 months. The reason for this are … [Read more...]

Titanium oxide in your cosmetics: a potential carcinogen?

In the field of nanotechnology, titanium oxide or TiO2 has quite a lot of uses, most especially for cosmetics and other body care products such as sunscreen. Tiny particles of TiO2 are mixed in sun … [Read more...]

Menopause and cancer: is there a link?

The years up to when I’d be undergoing menopause can be counted on my fingers. Although I’ve read up on menopause and menopausal symptoms, I still anticipate the stage with trepidation. Menopause … [Read more...]

Summery Christmas down under

Sun, sun, warm sun. We had a great time here down under on Christmas Day with 25°C temperatures. Lazing around on the beach or by pool. Hmmm, I haven’t done that in a while. The sun is such a … [Read more...]

Great tasting, zero alcohol, low calories: holiday cocktail recipes

Hey, wanna try some real cool cocktails this New Year without the day-after complaints and the lifetime risks? Well, that’s what we are bringing you with this post today – recipes for great tasting … [Read more...]

Family health history Part II: researching your “Ances-tree”

Okay, so now it’s clear that a family medical history is a useful tool for present and future generations to know and mitigate their health risks. But building such a tree is a daunting experience. … [Read more...]

Our neighborhood may influence our cancer risk

Moving out from where you live is not easy especially if you live in a good neighborhood.  Everyone wants to live in a good neighborhood, where you feel you belong, where you get help when you need … [Read more...]

Your guide to drinking alcohol during the holidays

`Tis the season to be jolly... and tipsy? Well, the holiday season is full of parties. And parties are full of alcohol. Research studies have reported conflicting findings on the benefits and … [Read more...]

Warning messages on US cigarette pack: your input is needed

I haven’t held a pack of cigarettes in 20 years so I was shocked lately when I saw what’s in the packaging. It was not only the warnings in words but also pictures of cancer-ridden lungs that were … [Read more...]

A tribute to a friend who lost her battle against cancer

A few months ago, I wrote a post about 2 friends who were battling cancer. One friend died a few weeks ago. And I didn’t even know about it until this weekend. She lost her battle to cancer. She … [Read more...]

How yoga helps prevent cancer

Once again, when the going gets really tough, we turn to age-old therapies. And most of them work, too. Take yoga, for example. The physical and mental benefits of yoga have been demonstrated time and … [Read more...]

Is it chemo brain or something else?

Chemo brain is common complain among cancer survivors who underwent chemotherapy. It is a condition described as “a mental fog and inability to concentrate that persist long after treatment” and has … [Read more...]

Stem cells from a tree bark to cure cancer

Stem cell therapy from a tree bark? This sounds too good to be true but if we think of it, why not? Hundreds, thousands of years ago, people used common herbs and plants to cure a wide range of … [Read more...]

“Look Now: Facing Breast Cancer”: a photographic tribute to breast cancer survivors

What better way to end Pink October than to pay tribute to breast cancer survivors? Sycaruse University launched exactly such an event onWednesday, Oct 27. “Look Now: Facing Breast Cancer” is a … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer Action Group launches Think Before You Pink blog

Pink October is coming to an end but the struggle against breast cancer goes on. The Breast Cancer Action (BCA) Group is one of the strongest group the cause and it recently launched the Think Before … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer In Pets

While everyone is sporting pink ribbons this month in honor of breast cancer awareness, many people don't realize that important member of our families can also suffer from the disease. Our pets. … [Read more...]

Male breast cancer: risks and perceptions of family members

In another tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we tackle a type of breast cancer that is rare but equally dangerous - male breast cancer. Men do get breast cancer, too. Male breast cancer may … [Read more...]

Family history of breast cancer? There’s something you can do to reduce your risk!

It is Pink October, a month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. In the next 2 weeks, Battling Cancer will focus on the latest news on breast cancer. There is no denying the genetic component of … [Read more...]

Breast cancer prevention advice: filtering the good from the bad

There is a whole lot of medical advice out there on how to prevent breast cancer. When I googled the phrase “breast cancer prevention”, I got “about 6,830,000 results. That is quite a lot of pages to … [Read more...]

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