Health care updates, Sept 24: nifty drug innovations

Nose drops for brain cancer? Aspirin on a drip? Here some updates on innovations at the drug front. New drug could help stop the spread of disease during cough: U of A research Coughing season is … [Read more...]

Interview with an Alzheimer’s expert Part III: The genetic component

My mother died of pneumonia at the age of 76 but she suffered from dementia during the last 10 years of her life. Doctors thought she had Alzheimer’s disease (AD) but since no autopsy was ever … [Read more...]

Healthcare updates, Sept 10: Salud! US Health goes Español

HHS Launches First of Its Kind Consumer Focused Website in Spanish The US Department of Health and Social Services recently launched www.CuidadodeSalud.Gov, the partner site of in … [Read more...]

It’s New – The Battling For Health Community

Curious? click the "COMMUNITY" button on the top navigation! Register. … [Read more...]

Heart valve replacement: conventional vs. emergent

Heart valve disease leads to about 20,000 deaths in the US a year. To save these patient’s lives, the valves are repaired or replaced. The conventional heart valve replacement has been performed … [Read more...]

Slowing down diabetic retinopathy

Diabetes comes with a lot of complications and one of them is vision loss due to retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is a condition wherein the blood vessels supplying the retina, the light-sensitive … [Read more...]

Peaches and plums are the new anti-cancer stars

It’s peach season now and plums come a bit later. These two fruits are the latest potential stars in fighting cancer the delicious way. According to a recent research from the Texas AgriLife Research, … [Read more...]

Bad news about obesity treatments

Losing weight is supposed to be a key to improving cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, many of currently available weight-loss strategies actually come with certain side effects and doubtful … [Read more...]

The Battling For Health Ballad (our new jingle)

Here is our new jingle, courtesy of ... This is a great story .. if you want your own jingle! There's this guy named "Love" (.. really!) who makes online jingles (.. really!) for … [Read more...]

Another side to mammograms: the German perspective

Whereas the Americans are debating about increasing the starting age of mammography screening from 40 to 50, some countries in Europe are debating about getting rid of routine mammogram screening. Let … [Read more...]

Full-body scanners: are there health risks?

Airport security the world over has been tightened even more than usual due to last December’s terrorist attack attempt. One of the hottest issues in improving security is the use of the so-called … [Read more...]

Welcome, 2011

  It's 2011. Can you believe it? It's almost 3 years ago that I started for Battling for Health in 2008. And I am still here. And the site is still going strong, up and running. We've done several … [Read more...]

Let’s welcome a new decade!

The Battling for Health team wishes you all the best for … [Read more...]

Welcome To The NEW AND IMPROVED Battling For Health (beta) Blog

You might have noticed that this blog's template went wacky today. I was tinkering and playing with a new template in the background - with widgets - and it messed up the current layout! So, I decided … [Read more...]

Win Free Advertising On This Blog All Summer 2009

Greetings! I am running an online survey from now until June 20th, 2009, which I call .. "The PetLvr Twitter Survey" .. It's a short survey and isn't too painful :) At the end of this … [Read more...]

Battling For Health Sponsors!

I have implemented a new platform to assist the self-sponsorship of our Battling For Health blog with both banner and text link sponsorship using OIO Publisher. This is a wordpress plugin that can … [Read more...]

The Official Battling For Health Promotional Video

I just put together a little promotional video for "Battling For Health" blog .. I hope you like it ..... // HART ~~~~~~~~~ Stock photos were taken from stock.xchng or created … [Read more...]


On March 1, 2009 .. I am closing the doors on the individual "Battling" series of blogs in the HART-Empire Network and merging them all into this one mega blog. I thought I would show you around the … [Read more...]

How To Subscribe To Our New And Improved Blog

Welcome To The New and Improved BATTLING FOR HEALTH Blog Welcome .... Everything is now in place and the old blogs are redirecting to this domain now. I have redirected the old RSS feeds from … [Read more...]

Greetings and Salutations!

If you are wondering what's going on ... effective March 1, 2009 we will be combining all "Battling" series of blogs (the subdomains of into this main blog for all time … [Read more...]

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