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Open: Battling For Health .org Store

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | October 23rd, 2017 | by BFH Admin | no comments

Check out our new Battling For Health .org Store!

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Please Join Our New Mailing List

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | August 12th, 2013 | by BFH Admin | one comments

Effective August 13, 2013 I have decided to switch from Aweber to Mailchimp to better create, send, and track email newsletters for the Battling For Health blog.

Can you please sign up to the new MailChimp mailing list below? This will assure continued service of receiving updates from the Battling For Health blog in your email InBox.

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Ways to Get in Shape this Summer – Feeling Healthy

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | May 31st, 2012 | by Melissa Cameron | no comments

If you are like me, and many other people, in constantly thinking when looking into a mirror ‘I need to get in shape…’, then now is the time to do it. A lot of people will simply say these things, realizing that they should get in shape but never having the willpower to actually do it, never actually planning how they will manage it, even if they really want to.

A lot of the time I find this is because you don’t have a plan or a reason. Other than ‘I want to be healthy’, it can be hard to find an absolute reason why you should bother going through all the difficulty of losing weight and getting exercise. But now you have one – summer is coming.


With summer just around the corner, you are given the perfect opportunity to get back in shape. Not only will the weather be far nicer for working out in, but if you are planning on going on holiday at all then you will want to look and feel great, so you can really get the most out of your holiday.

The Right Treatment

The first step to doing this is really to find the right treatment for you. Most people can figure out ways of doing this by themselves, without any other treatment being necessary, but if you think heavy metals may have anything to do with your problems then you should consider heavy metal cleanse, to see if this helps you feel any healthier.

Other than this there is obviously the choice of simply buckling down and getting some exercise and good food. Simply by starting to eat healthily and really get out there and doing some exercise, you can really start to make a huge improvement to how you look and how you feel.

Setting Targets

If you can begin to figure out what it is that you want to achieve from the diet and exercise plan, you will also find that it becomes far easier. Why? For several reasons:

  • Having a goal in mind will make it far easier to carry on with your goal
  • You will be able to measure your progress, keeping yourself motivated
  • You can measurably say you have achieved something

There is more to it than that, but these are the key reasons why you should consider figuring out what you want to achieve, though the first is most important.

Just as with a lifelong goal that you work towards, you need to know what you have in mind. If there is a certain profession you aim for, then you can figure out what you need to do to get there. The same can be said on a smaller scale, when it comes to working out – if you have a certain strength level to reach, a certain weight or a certain size, as long as it is within reason then you will be far more likely to achieve it, as you can measure how effective the treatment is.

You can then also make changes if you need – if your current eating and exercise habits are not helping you achieve your ideal weight or fitness level, then change something. Maybe you need to eat more healthily or do more exercise, or maybe your goals are simply too high. There is nothing bad about toning down your targets if it makes you more likely to be able to reach them – a sense of progress is more important, and if you are left not being able to reach your target then you are far more likely to feel like a failure, which is the kind of thought which you should not promote.

But by following a simple plan it should be far easier to feel better within yourself – this is, after all, what is the most important aspect – “If you believe that you are healthy, you are capable of doing anything.”

About the Author:

Melissa Cameron is a mother of several wonderful kids, attempting to get in shape for the summer. She’s discovered the benefits of Chlorella, currently using it alongside exercise in order to get as healthy as possible, just to stay in shape for the longest time. Having found a system that works, she now tries to share it with women just like her, to get the most out of the great summer weather.

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4 Easy Ways to Burn Fat Quickly

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS, OBESITY | May 21st, 2012 | by Dan Storr | 2 comments

When battling to burn fat many people go to extreme measures and use harmful exercises such as Bicycle spinning to burn more calories. However, there are much easier ways to burn fat quickly and efficiently. In this article we will describe several of these methods.

Green Tea

Mug of Green Tea Green tea is a very easy way to burn more calories and live a healthier life. Alongside many health benefits, green tea can also boost your metabolism so you burn more calories and burn fat effortlessly. Drink 1-2 cups of green tea at morning and noon and you will have higher energy as well.

HIT Weight Training

When doing high intensity training you highly boost your fat burning as the effort is short-term but very high. With just 1 hour of gym training per week (separated into 2 sessions) you can make an imminent change of your body fat and lose that stubburn belly fat. Make sure to do slow repetitions of each exercise, and to focus on the negative of the repetition as well as it contribute to boosting your metabolic rate. Note that for maximum performance it is advised to continue each set until the point of muscular failure. This will also cause muscle growth and make you look in better shape. Visit Mass-Gainer.net for more tips on HIT training.

Aerobics Right After Weight Training

Our body only burns fat after it has finished burning all our Glicogen energy which is more accessible. However, after a weight training our body usually finished all the easy-access energy and now proceeds to burn fat. Therefore just 20 minutes of aerobics right after your workout will burn mostly fat and help you maintain a lean physique without wasting hours at the gym. Remember, the entire gym routine I advise here is just 1-1.5 hours of gym per week, which can be done by everyone no matter how busy you are.

Eat Only Complex Carbs

Simple carbs are easily digested and turned into sugar, which then causes insulin spike in the body which stores this sugar as fat. To avoid this it advised to eat complex carbs such as Quinoa, whole rice and whole grain. These carbs are harder to digest, so they do not lead to insulin spike and do not get stored as fat in your body. They will also give you energy for longer periods compared to chocolate or bread which will only keep you fed for a little while.

Dan Storren is a gym fanatic that loves working out and living healthy. Visit his site for more tips on building muscles and burning fat.

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Avoiding Back Surgery – 4 Potential Alternatives

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | March 13th, 2012 | by Melissa Cameron | one comments

Sensing the locations for inserting the needles, Charlotte Stuart preparing to treat a patient with acupuncture moxibustion in Nelson, New ZealandIf you have recently developed back pain, and have the fear of facing back surgery, you are not alone. Or perhaps you have been suffering in silence for a while now, because you don’t want anyone talking you into having major surgery with a long recovery time.

Many people have to deal with back pain at some point in their life. Some of it can be quite debilitating for a while. Dr. Jeff Echols, a doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, says that approximately 80% of the population will experience back pain in their life.

However, not everyone needs surgery to get back to a normal routine. Actually, most people don’t. There are several options to consider when dealing with the pain. At one time, surgery was the probably a much bigger option than it is today. With the advances in technology and medicine, doctors are opting for other methods for many of their patients.

I am going to share some possible options that you can learn more about, and bring to your doctor’s attention to see if it’s an option for you and your particular condition.

1. Spinal Injections

One non-surgical treatment would be spinal injections. Of the options I’m going to share, this is probably the most invasive, if you call a little needle invasive that is. These are typically used to reduce inflammation, and are often used in addition to other therapy, to take care of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.

There are two common injections, with one being a Facet Joint Injection. This is small dose of steroids that is injected right into the joint to relieve some of the pain. It is often done to make physical therapy more tolerable for patients.

The Epidural is a bit more complicated and often performed by an anesthesiologist at the hospital. You would need some imaging done ahead of time before the procedure. You might be familiar with the term and procedure if you have ever had a baby.

2. Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractors can use various treatments to help with back pain, including manipulation, applied pressure, massage therapy, as well as other treatments to help align the vertebrae of the spine.

According to Dr. Echols, a common back ailment is nerve compression. This can be due to several reasons such as vertebrae slipped out of place, rotated, or a disc bulging. If it suddenly gets worse with coughing or sneezing, it’s a good sign that the disk is bulging.

The pain can be fairly severe, but Dr. Echols says that he has seen many patients with this back pain, and that approximately 80-90% of chiropractic patients respond well to treatment.

A Chiropractic office might have a variety of options for patients for overall health such as massage therapy, or herbal supplies.

3. Physical Therapy

Perhaps one of the most popular options given to avoid back surgery is physical therapy. With physical therapy, there are various methods, broken down to basically two groups. The first is called passive physical therapy. They are thought of as passive because the treatment is actually done to the patient, rather than the patient doing the work.

Some of the passive therapies include:
•    Hot Packs
•    Cold Packs
•    Ultrasound
•    TENS Unit

The other group of physical therapy treatments is called active physical therapy. This is basically as it sounds, where the patient is physically active in their own treatment. This could include:
•    Various stretching exercises specifically for back pain
•    Various exercises for strengthening muscles to support the back
•    Low-impact aerobic exercising

Your doctor will most likely write a prescription for you to go to physical therapy, and the therapist will take it from there.

4. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be utilized in a couple different ways. The first is the standard Swedish massage that feels good, and can be rather relaxing. However, there isn’t any real therapy to it, other than relaxing. I know, after a stressful week…that sounds pretty good.

The second form of massage therapy is a medically based therapeutic massage that can actually work on the issues of back pain and help to relieve some acute and chronic pain. What it can do is increase your blood circulation, to help promote healing.

It can also increase your range of motion, by loosening up tight muscles. If I have a massage for therapeutic reasons, I have learned to expect a little bit of pain with it as well as feeling really good at the same time. I know that might sound odd, but it’s what works for me, because I know they are getting the ‘knots’ out.

Finally, a good massage can increase your endorphin levels, which work to help block pain signals. It has become a great source of relief for patients suffering with chronic pain.

In Closing

These are just a few options for you to discuss with your doctor. For me, I will avoid surgery at all cost, so I have actually applied a couple of these in my own life to help with some back pain that I have experienced. Is it reasonable to think that every case of surgery can be avoided? Not really. But, many can, and a good doctor will help you find the alternative path.


Melissa Cameron is a freelance writer who is writing a series on back pain, with the assistance of a group of Phoenix Chiropractors. She lives with her husband and children in Texas.

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Dissecting Depression – Infographic

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | March 3rd, 2012 | by BFH Admin | 3 comments

Are you depressed?

Canada Drug Center has created this infographic about depression. Over 121 million people worldwide are depressed. Please help share the awareness and recognized symptoms of depression.

Via: Canada Drug Center

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Myths and Facts about Caffeine: Test your Knowledge

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | June 15th, 2011 | by Raquel | no comments

Is that cup of coffee good or bad for you? Over the years, research evidence on caffeine has piled up, unfortunately with far from clear answers to this question. Check your knowledge about caffeine in this quiz at WebMD: Myths and Facts about Caffeine. I have to admit it – I did not get it all right!

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Nutritional roadmap on a plate: the new icon

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | June 6th, 2011 | by Raquel | no comments

Tired of those rather complicated nutritional pyramids? Well, there seems to be an easier, more user-friendly graphic road map towards healthy eating. And it’s on a plate. Check this new icon introduced by the US Department of Agriculture at www.choosemyplate.gov. It is more pleasing to the eye, and easier to follow.

Robert Post, deputy director for the US DA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion explains that the symbol is part of a healthy eating initiative that will convey seven key messages from the government’s dietary guidelines: Enjoy food but eat less; avoid oversized portions; make half your plate fruits and vegetables; drink water instead of sugary drinks; switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk; compare sodium in foods; and make at least half your grains whole grains.”

This is a quick, simple reminder for all of us to be more mindful of the foods that we’re eating,” First Lady Michelle Obama was quoted in a USA Today report.

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WHO issues alert on potential link between cell phone use and cancer

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | June 2nd, 2011 | by Raquel | no comments

I just want to share with you this latest updat from WebMD:

World Health Organization Links Cell Phones, Cancer

Cell phone use may cause cancer, the World Health Organization announced Tuesday. There is not enough long-term data to link cancer and cell phone use directly, reported a group of 31 scientists from 14 countries. But there is enough information to issue an alert.

With Tuesday’s announcement, WHO now groups cell phones in the same hazard category  as chloroform, lead, and engine exhaust.



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Earth Day 2011: What’s your green act?

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | April 21st, 2011 | by Raquel | no comments

April 22 is Earth Day 2011. And this year’s theme is A Billion Acts of Green. Billions? That’s a lot, you’d think. But if each of us just pledge one green act, that adds up to the billions indeed.

“…organizers are encouraging people to observe Earth Day 2011 by pledging online at act.earthday.org/ to do something small but sustainable in their own lives to improve the planet’s health — from switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs to reducing the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals…”

So any idea what your green act will be?

Check these out for ideas:

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March 22: World Water Day 2011

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | March 22nd, 2011 | by Raquel | no comments

March 22 was World Water Day and the theme for 2011 was ”Water For Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge”.

Clean drinking water is important for our health. Let’s all try and help save water.

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Goodbye, Battling for Health Community (though I’ll still hang around)

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | March 10th, 2011 | by Raquel | no comments

If you wonder why you haven’t heard from me in a while, it’s because I have other fish to fry. Specifically, I have started a new job. And although, this is not strictly a “health” topic, lifestyle is closely linked to health. So bear with me and let me explain the pros and cons of this lifestyle change.

There are several reasons why I decided to give up freelancing and joined the ranks of the employed.


Employment brings regular income for now, and some security (retirement plans, savings etc.) for old age.


While freelancing gave me freedom and flexibility, I wasn’t truly happy. In fact, there were times when I was depressed and felt useless. This is not unusual as unemployment is one of the major barriers to happiness.

In the film “Social Network”, Napster founder Sean Parker was asked about his job and he declared he was a “self-employed entrepreneur.” “In other words, you are unemployed,” was the girl’s conclusion.

There were times when I felt “unemployed” during my freelancing days (and so did many people, including family members and friends) and this was probably the main cause of my unhappiness. Let us hope that my new job brings contentment.

Now comes the cons

Time constraints

There is now less time for free time and leisurely pursuits. This is one of the reasons why I am giving up regular posting for Battling for Health. It’s a choice between blog writing and jogging. I hope you understand why I chose the latter.


I would expect that there will be times when this job will generate high levels of stress. I just hope that I can practice what I’ve been preaching all these time in this blog about stress management.

I love this blog

I’ve been writing for this blog since May 2008. That is more than 2.5 years ago, the last year as the main/sole writer for this site. In this fast-paced digital era, when work and projects and working relationships change within seconds, 2.5 years is almost a lifetime. But I love this blog and I enjoyed and learned a lot from it. I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from it, too. Thank you for all your support all these years!

My promise

  • ·         I won’t be here often but I will be around, be it with an occasional blog post or a stimulating discussion in the Battling for Health forum.
  • ·         I will continue to live a healthy life and hope you will do the same. I chose jogging over writing, remember? If I ever manage that marathon run, I’ll let you know.
  • ·         I will continue to cheer on those battling the monster diseases.

Hang on there and live healthy, happy and well.

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March 8 is International Women’s Day

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | March 8th, 2011 | by Raquel | no comments

Wishing you all, ladies, a great celebration of this day.

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How many hours do spend in front of the screen?

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS, HEART AND STROKE | January 25th, 2011 | by Raquel | one comments

In a previous post, I discussed a study that indicates that 2 hours is the maximum duration of time we should spend in front of a screen during leisure hours. To recap what the study authors have to say:

“This is a new research area, which has attracted attention only in the past 18 months to two years, but it has implications both for public-health recommendations and clinical guidelines. I think there is a direct message from our research, which is that there should be a cut-off of two hours daily screen time as a maximum during leisure hours.”

Unfortunately, I do not fully understand why this 2-hour limit should only apply to leisure hours. What about those who spend the whole day in front of a computer screen? And what about the fact that the boundary between working and leisure hours becomes hazy? A nephew of mine earns his living by playing the X-Box 8 hours a day.

 So how much time do we really spend in front of the screen? There are many numbers and figures around but surprisingly few from reliable sources and up-to-date data. Here are some figures  from SixWise.com

According to many sources, Americans spend 2.6 million minutes on Facebook each day.

The American Heart Association conducted a survey in 2009 and reported the following figures on social network use:

  • 37% of respondents (35% men, 39% women) spend less than an hour social networking
  • 18% spend 1 to 2 hours
  • 7 % spend 2 to 3 hours
  • 3% spend 3 to 4 hours
  • 3% spend more than 4 hours, especially those aged between 18 and 25.

According to figures from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) (as quoted in kidshealth.org):

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The best in 2010 here at Battling for Health

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | January 18th, 2011 | by Raquel | no comments

Here in Battling for Health, we also have our favorite health topics and events for 2010 that we recommend for our readers old and new.


We have covered a lot in this subcategory, from the most common forms (smoking, alcohol and drug abuse) to the less common, such as:


Aging is one of my favorite subcategories in this blog and my favorite posts are those dealing with studies which cast a positive light on aging.

Alzheimer’s Disease

My 2010 favorite was clearly the series wherein we interviewed AD expert Dr. Michael Rafii. Check out:


Unfortunately, our posts on arthritis in 2010 have been scarce. We hope to correct this in 2011.

Asthma and allergies

We combine these two as they are closely related. We believe that the most relevant posts on are the effects of air-borne allergens such as traffic pollution, second-hand smoke, pollens and spores on our health. It is also for this reason that we especially support the Fresh Air Fund as a non-profit organization.


In the case of cancer, we have covered a lot of topics but my favorites are those on healthy lifestyle and the anti-cancer agents that you find in your kitchen. In addition, we have supported the Breast Cancer Action Group (BCA), in some of their campaigns.

Depression, stress and infertility

Depression and stress are linked to many disorders, including infertility, diabetes and heart disease. These are best described in the posts


Obviously, my favorite posts on diabetes are those dealing with lifestyle strategies but also relevant were the controversy leading to the withdrawal of Avandia in the European Union.

Heart and Stroke

Battling heart disease and stroke has been a very important part of this blog and will always remain to be in 2011. We have compiled a “best of 10” on hearty news and research topics for 2010. My personal favorites, of course, are still my posts about running and hiking.

Multiple sclerosis

We had just a few posts on MS but I think we have covered the most relevant issue of CCSVI.

Schizophrenia, hearing and vision are among those topics we have neglected in 2010. We will try to do better in 2011.

So what were your favorites in 2010 here at Battling for Health?

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The “Top Tens” for Heart and Stroke in 2010

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | January 18th, 2011 | by Raquel | no comments

Every January, we try to look back to the year that was and the months to come. This is what I am doing just now, bringing you what the experts have to say about 2010.

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association voted the following as the “Top Ten Advances in Cardiovascular Research in 2010”:

  1. Tailoring treatment for people with diabetes to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease
  2. New advances for patients who aren’t candidates for conventional valve surgery
  3. Improving the way we reverse sudden cardiac arrest
  4. More options for reducing stroke risk in atrial fibrillation
  5. Adjusting pacing therapies can improve outcomes for heart failure patients
  6. Hopeful new procedure for infants with congenital heart disease
  7. Finding the right anti-clotting (anti-platelet) therapy
  8. Basic science findings offer insight into future progress
  9. Using science to support healthy lifestyle behaviors
  10. Get With The Guidelines participation eliminates disparity gaps in care

The following have been voted as the “Top Ten Advances in Stroke Research in 2010”:

  1. “Time is brain”: Clot-dissolving treatment for acute ischemic stroke found beneficial in the first 4.5 hours after onset, potentially harmful later
  2. New mechanism of emboli clearance from the brain vasculature discovered
  3. Carotid endarterectomy and carotid artery stenting directly compared
  4. Million person milestone, emerging research shows quality initiatives improve outcomes
  5. International study identifies the ten major risk factors for stroke
  6. Ultrasound detection of silent emboli identifies patients at high risk of stroke
  7. Robot-assisted therapy beneficial for long-term arm impairment after stroke
  8. Genetic findings important in understanding, treating aneurysms
  9. Lowering blood pressure early reduces brain hemorrhage growth
  10. Physical activity, even moderate in degree, reduces stroke risk

I won’t go much into detail regarding each item because some are too technical to be discussed here. I would like to point out, however, that some of these advances have been discussed and posted here. The details can be found by following the link to the AHA/ASA sites. Others are on my list of potential topics for 2011. Check the following posts:

The heart.org listed the following as the top 10 most popular “hearty” stories:

  1. Dabigatran Q+A: The who, when, and how for switching, starting, and stopping the new oral anticoagulant
  2. JUPITER gets a battering, but Ridker fights back
  3. FDA approves dabigatran for stroke prevention, embolism, in AF patients
  4. Off orbit? ROCKET AF: Rivaroxaban noninferior to warfarin, but superiority analyses at odds
  5. FDA approves expanded rosuvastatin label
  6. SHARP: Ezetimibe/simvastatin combo cuts atherosclerotic and vascular events in kidney-disease patients
  7. DEFINE: Large effects on LDL and HDL cholesterol with CETP inhibitor anacetrapib
  8. New studies cast doubt on clopidogrel-PPI interaction
  9. AVERROES: Apixaban in atrial fibrillation study stopped early for benefit
  10. Prasugrel: Different mortality trends in STEMI and non-STEMI patients in TRITON

We have covered many of these stories as the heart.org is among my main sources for “hearty” news in 2010 and will continue to be in 2011.

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Christmas greetings to our readers

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | December 25th, 2010 | by Raquel | no comments

Merry Christmas, where ever you are!

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Thank-You For Your Patience! Welcome to the NEW AND IMPROVED Battling For Health!

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | December 2nd, 2010 | by BFH Admin | no comments

We have upgraded our server here at Battling For Health to bring you faster service and make your stay in reading our blog and participating in our community a more enjoyable experience.

Please feel free to explore our site, register for our blog and forum, and have a look around. And, if you see anything interesting or unusual drop a note to me @hart in the activity chat timeline!

I would like to add that we have recently upgraded the template from Thesis to Genesis framework, and there will be ongoing renovations and changes in the background over the next few weeks (including fonts and colors).


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Welcome To The New And Improved Battling For Health Community

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | November 25th, 2010 | by BFH Admin | no comments

Front Page

Welcome to our new community … which, is part of our existing community! A few things to note that we are now running under the “Genesis Framework’ using the Lifestyle theme and it is an ongoing process in tweaking this template to be most functional and not obnoxious to our community that I hope to fulfill.

Starting with the front page BattlingForHealth.com .. you will see two navigation areas at the top. The second section with all the “monster diseases” are as before. These are the categories our blog is based on, and to see all posts related to ..e.g. cancer – click the CANCER category link above.

The top line is related to our new community embedded within this site. We are using the WP-Mingle Plugin by Brian Williams and Mingle Forum by cartpauj. Together, readers are not only able to read our blogs but read our forums, contribute to the forums, help us improve our site and community and also relate stories about the ‘monster diseases’ readers are battling, to know you are not alone – and can be your place to share your stories, struggles and adventures.


The first place to start on the top navigation line is to register a username here in the Community. There are several fields you must create and other information that is optional. During the signing process, you will be automatically opted in to our weekly newsletter, and if you prefer not to do that (or already subscribed) just untick the box. After registering an account here go to the LOGIN link and explore the community! You can check and edit your Profile, add friends, see other members in the directory, and so on.

>> We ask that you upload an avatar to your profile – or, set up a Gravatar for your current email address at en.gravatar.com .. This is a good thing anyway, because WordPress owns that site. If you like to comment anywhere, your avatar will follow you around – besides in here. Also, after three months I will be deleting users that have not set up an avatar – to keep our community safe from those evil bots! 😀

Once friends with other members, you might want to try the messaging system!


There is a feedback and suggestion forum .. but, it’s basically a forum and time will tell how it will go until people start using it! Feel free to go crazy. Create new discussion threads … comment on existing threads … This is new to us too! We have created a basic template of discussion areas that we’d like to maintain (e.g. cancer discussions in the cancer forums, not diabetes forums) but other than that it’s a free for all.

In Conclusion

I hope you like what we are trying to do here … and, unfortunately if you have arrived here in the past day (or today) you might have noticed our site is running a little slow .. we are working behind the scenes to identify and correct this issue. So, while you may be looking at the “New and Improved Battling For Health Community” .. you may be looking at the same screen for a few extra seconds longer as we work on speeding up this site once again!

In the meantime, explore … and welcome.

HART (aka your BFH Admin)
Battling For Health
battling the monster diseases

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Under Construction – Building A New Template Theme In Real Time

Categories: . ANNOUNCEMENTS | November 25th, 2010 | by BFH Admin | no comments


It’s 11:30pm CST November 24, 2010 … and I will be CHANGING the current theme from THESIS to a GENESIS Framework. This involves a complete overhaul, as I am not sure at the moment which route I will take once I install the Genesis framework. I am leaning on either a slim “Prose” theme, or a modified “Lifestyle” them – both, which I already have and do not need to purchase anything new. I currently have the Prose theme installed on Abitpac.com and have actually used the old Lifestyle (v3) theme – pre genesis framework – on this site years ago .. although, it’s totally different now with wordpress v3.0+ and the genesis framework, using this Lifestyle as a child theme instead of the main one.

Why am I doing this? A few reasons ….

1) speed – hopefully to speed up the loading of this site
2) simplicity – I want everything, but I know I don’t need everything
3) community – I will be introducing a forum directly on this site in the root

Feel free to click “Refresh” to watch my changes as they happen … there’s some freaky stuff happening if I try to use a theme tester to do it in the background, the way genesis and thesis take over the site when activated … and I’d rather just work online than trying to replicate this on my local hard drive.

Watch for a tweet on twitter on our @Battling account when I have finished (or stopped for the night).

Thank-you for your patience

PS: This is what it looked like before I begin:

View at EasyCaptures.com

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