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Ways to Get in Shape this Summer – Feeling Healthy

If you are like me, and many other people, in constantly thinking when looking into a mirror ‘I need to get in shape…’, then now is the time to do it. A lot of people will simply say these things, … [Read more...]

4 Easy Ways to Burn Fat Quickly

When battling to burn fat many people go to extreme measures and use harmful exercises such as Bicycle spinning to burn more calories. However, there are much easier ways to burn fat quickly and … [Read more...]

Avoiding Back Surgery – 4 Potential Alternatives

If you have recently developed back pain, and have the fear of facing back surgery, you are not alone. Or perhaps you have been suffering in silence for a while now, because you don’t want anyone … [Read more...]

Dissecting Depression – Infographic

Are you depressed? Canada Drug Center has created this infographic about depression. Over 121 million people worldwide are depressed. Please help share the awareness and recognized symptoms of … [Read more...]

Myths and Facts about Caffeine: Test your Knowledge

Is that cup of coffee good or bad for you? Over the years, research evidence on caffeine has piled up, unfortunately with far from clear answers to this question. Check your knowledge about caffeine … [Read more...]

Nutritional roadmap on a plate: the new icon

Tired of those rather complicated nutritional pyramids? Well, there seems to be an easier, more user-friendly graphic road map towards healthy eating. And it’s on a plate. Check this new icon … [Read more...]

WHO issues alert on potential link between cell phone use and cancer

I just want to share with you this latest updat from WebMD: World Health Organization Links Cell Phones, Cancer Cell phone use may cause cancer, the World Health Organization announced Tuesday. … [Read more...]

Earth Day 2011: What’s your green act?

April 22 is Earth Day 2011. And this year’s theme is A Billion Acts of Green. Billions? That’s a lot, you’d think. But if each of us just pledge one green act, that adds up to the billions … [Read more...]

March 22: World Water Day 2011

March 22 was World Water Day and the theme for 2011 was "Water For Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge". Clean drinking water is important for our health. Let's all try and help save water. … [Read more...]

Goodbye, Battling for Health Community (though I’ll still hang around)

If you wonder why you haven’t heard from me in a while, it’s because I have other fish to fry. Specifically, I have started a new job. And although, this is not strictly a “health” topic, lifestyle is … [Read more...]

March 8 is International Women’s Day

Wishing you all, ladies, a great celebration of this day. … [Read more...]

How many hours do spend in front of the screen?

In a previous post, I discussed a study that indicates that 2 hours is the maximum duration of time we should spend in front of a screen during leisure hours. To recap what the study authors have to … [Read more...]

The best in 2010 here at Battling for Health

Here in Battling for Health, we also have our favorite health topics and events for 2010 that we recommend for our readers old and new. Addiction We have covered a lot in this subcategory, from … [Read more...]

The “Top Tens” for Heart and Stroke in 2010

Every January, we try to look back to the year that was and the months to come. This is what I am doing just now, bringing you what the experts have to say about 2010. The American Heart … [Read more...]

Christmas greetings to our readers

Merry Christmas, where ever you are! … [Read more...]

Thank-You For Your Patience! Welcome to the NEW AND IMPROVED Battling For Health!

We have upgraded our server here at Battling For Health to bring you faster service and make your stay in reading our blog and participating in our community a more enjoyable experience. Please … [Read more...]

Welcome To The New And Improved Battling For Health Community

Front Page Welcome to our new community ... which, is part of our existing community! A few things to note that we are now running under the "Genesis Framework' using the Lifestyle theme and it … [Read more...]

Under Construction – Building A New Template Theme In Real Time

Hello. It's 11:30pm CST November 24, 2010 ... and I will be CHANGING the current theme from THESIS to a GENESIS Framework. This involves a complete overhaul, as I am not sure at the moment which … [Read more...]

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