Allergies in the wintertime?

You’d never associate winter with hay fever and pollen allergies, right? Well, actually allergies also spike up during the winter time, but for different reasons that we encounter in spring and … [Read more...]

Dirty is healthy: how bugs prevent allergies

Really? With the current hype about hygiene and disinfection to prevent the spread of the pandemic flu, this statement may sound bizarre. But recent studies reveal  that dirty can indeed be healthy … [Read more...]

How to avoid food allergies at Christmas time

Christmas time is feasting time. Unfortunately it can also be allergy time. As we attend one party after another, trying out food we normally we do not eat at home, we are exposed to allergens in the … [Read more...]

Multiple allergies rising

One allergy is trouble enough. But imagine being allergic to many things at the same time. Unfortunately, multiple allergies seem to be getting more common and are actually on the rise. This was … [Read more...]

The most and least common types of allergies

Almost 20% of the American population suffers from allergies. Let’s take a look at some of the most common allergies as well as some of rarest forms of allergy. The most common allergies WebMD … [Read more...]

Welcome to Battling Allergies

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. One major reason why we are bringing you this highly relevant topic at Battling for Health. Stay tuned for more! … [Read more...]

Brain Disease

Brain Disease presents new insights and concepts gained through recent research in brain disease. Leading world scientists review the latest experimental and clinical findings on which the central … [Read more...]

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