Looking forward to old age

Is there something positive about aging? We have previously tackled the topic of aging being considered a disease to be dreaded that needs treatment. In our current society, youth is revered and … [Read more...]

Alone and unaccounted: Japan’s missing centenarians

Japan is supposedly the country with the highest number of centenarians and also with one of the highest life expectancy. The headlines below during the past decade attested to this. 09 Sep 2003 … [Read more...]

Do you have what it takes to be a centenarian?

Why do some people live to be hundred while some do not even get to celebrate their 60th birthday? Is it nature or nurture? Scientists believe it is a combination of the influence of environmental … [Read more...]

Testosterone for the elderly: good for the muscles, bad for the heart?

Aging comes with a lot of difficulties, including decreased mobility which limits an old person’s independence and overall quality of life. Health experts believe that impaired mobility in the elderly … [Read more...]

Good dental hygiene slows down aging

There is a better and cheaper alternative to botox or plastic surgery in trying to keep the years away. It’s good dental hygiene, according to some experts. Simply speaking, “gum disease makes you … [Read more...]

The health benefits of volunteering for the elderly

When I first met my husband-to-be’s Aunt, she was 70 years old. She was volunteering at the nearby home for the elderly. She only stopped when she turned 85 and couldn’t drive anymore due to vision … [Read more...]

Aging as a disease

My kids turned 7 the other day and typical of kids of their age, they loved having a birthday and were very happy celebrating it. Then one asked me “Is there somebody in this world who is not happy … [Read more...]

Facial aging is not just about the skin

Botox and facelift patients, this is something you should read. Keeping your youthful look is not just about tightening the skin and smoothing out the wrinkles. Because aging goes deeper than just the … [Read more...]

The fountain of youth is calorie-poor

For thousands of years, people have been searching for the fountain of youth. Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham now think they may be on the verge of discovering the proverbial … [Read more...]

Slowing down cognitive decline though resistance execises

Cognitive decline comes with age and loss of cognitive function can greatly reduce the quality of life of life of the elderly. This is why researchers are looking for ways and means to slow down … [Read more...]

Aging and body temperature

What is the normal body temperature? It was originally thought to be exactly 37.0 degrees C (98.6 degrees F), according to the pioneering work in clinical thermometry by Carl Wunderlich. However, … [Read more...]

What causes premature skin aging?

Millions of people, especially women, spend lots of money each year to counteract the effects of aging, most especially on the face. But what causes premature aging? According to researchers, about … [Read more...]

Watching over our aging parents

As we approach middle age, our parents approach old age, and we are faced with the possibility that our aging parents will run into problems that comes with age. I lost both my parents years back. I … [Read more...]

Physical exercise and aging

Does physical exercise slow down aging? Many studies have indicated that this is the case. A more recent study by German researchers compared four groups of people. Two groups were trained … [Read more...]

Life expectancy figures

Life expectancy is better than ever, at least in developed countries, according to the most recent statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) from 2007 Japan tops the list in terms of life … [Read more...]

Our World is Aging

What is aging? Is it about the number that’s written on your ID? Is it the number of candles on your cake? Is it the number of lines on your face? Is it the number of beats your heart has beaten all … [Read more...]

Welcome to Battling Aging

Welcome to the our latest health topic here at Battling for Health - Aging. From now on, we will be bring you news and views on this highly relevent topic. Stay tuned! … [Read more...]

Brain Disease

Brain Disease presents new insights and concepts gained through recent research in brain disease. Leading world scientists review the latest experimental and clinical findings on which the central … [Read more...]

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