Teens making music to fight drugs

Teenagers love music. So what better way to reach out and send a message to them than through teen music? And who can better deliver the message than musicians who are teens themselves? This is … [Read more...]

Your smoke is hurting your children badly

Cigarette smoking gives out toxic compounds that are all-pervading and long-persisting. And it is now fully clear that it is not only the smoker but also the all the people around them that are … [Read more...]

Expat Life and Alcohol

Being an expat and a trailing spouse is tough. I am one. That is why I fully understood what this woman has gone/is going through. And I admire her bravery for sharing her story...Thanks, B! To all … [Read more...]

Hospitalizations for drug abuse is increasing among the elderly

Grandpa sniffing coke? Grandma gulping down cough syrup? Sounds ridiculous but it cna be true. Drug abuse is not restricted only to the young. While young people are getting more and more into … [Read more...]

Stop Medicine Abuse: An appeal to parents

October is National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month in the US and the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) is actively campaigning for this observance. The organization is especially … [Read more...]

The aging drug users and their health problems

Drug abuse is usually associated with the young. However, these youths eventually grow older and if they don’t kick their bad habits by middle age, then they are in big trouble. A recent study by … [Read more...]

Updates on teen health

Teen Vaccination Rates Increasing Across the US A survey by the Centers of Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) of over 20,000 teenagers aged 13 to 17 years showed an increasing rate of vaccination. … [Read more...]

Are you a polytobacco user?

Cigarettes are the most commonly used tobacco products. Anti-smoking campaigns are mainly targeting cigarettes. But there are other tobacco products out there that are as bad or even worse. And when … [Read more...]

Love, obsession, and addiction: it’s all neurochemistry

Everything may be explained by chemistry nowadays. Stress is due to cortisol. Intense spiritual experience is linked to low serotonin. Benevolence is linked to oxytocin. What about love? Researchers … [Read more...]

Nicotine-free smokes: how safe are they?

With the irrevocable proof that smoking is bad for our health and causes cancer, people are searching for safer smoking alternatives, products with reduced toxicity or nicotine-free. But are the … [Read more...]

Unintentional drug poisoning a.k.a. overdose

We usually associate drug overdose with celebrities: Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, to mention the few recent. But the rate of drug overdose, also called unintentional or accidental … [Read more...]

Fighting for priority: anti-obesity vs. anti-smoking campaigns

If you have to choose between eating and smoking as a vice for your child, which one do you think is the lesser of the two evils? A recent article in the New York Times discusses the dilemma … [Read more...]

Digital Drugs: Hyped Hoaxes or Real Threats?

They are supposed to be addictive but you cannot buy them on the streets or from any drug dealer for that matter. In fact, they are quite easy to access and they are perfectly legal. I am referring … [Read more...]

Coming soon: personalized smoking cessation strategies

Which smoking cessation strategy works best? There is no single answer, according the researchers. The effectiveness of a strategy depends on the smoker’s genetic make up and his or her smoking … [Read more...]

What you drink affects what you eat

There is nothing like alcohol to ruin one’s diet. Alcohol is rich in calories. But that is not all. Aside from loading you up on calories, alcohol actually puts you off the healthy stuff like fruit … [Read more...]

Meet the latest accessory: alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet

The alcohol monitoring bracelet made headlines lately, thanks to actress Lindsay Lohan. Actually, this is not the first “alcohol-monitoring accessory“ that Lohan had. She already had one way back … [Read more...]

Inhalants: addictive substances in your household chemicals

There are many types of addictive drugs. There are the ones taken orally. Some are rolled as a cigarette and smoked. Some are snorted as powder or injected as suspension. And some are sniffed as … [Read more...]

Alcohol, drugs and fights

Drugs and alcohol are associated with high-risk behaviour especially among adolescents. Let us take a look at the manifestations of these high-risk behaviours. Physical fights Every now and … [Read more...]

Pediatricians should warn patients about alcohol abuse

Can you imagine your 13-year old daughter sipping a margarita? Or your 15-year old son downing a pint of beer? It seems unimaginable but it is more common than we think. During the last couple years, … [Read more...]

Deadly combinations: medications, street drugs and alcohol

Combining different types of drugs legal or illegal is dangerous and can be fatal. The deaths of Health Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, and Michael are related to one of more drugs. All these died within … [Read more...]

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