When it comes to drunkenness, caffeine does not help

A strong cup of black coffee is not an antidote to alcohol intoxication. Neither are 2 cups. Or even three. Of a caffeine-rich energy drink for that matter. Caffeine is known as a stimulant that … [Read more...]

Rheumatoid arthritis triggers: they’re all around you

What triggers that arthritis attack that leaves you pain and immobile? It may be the air you breathe, the food you ate or the lipstick you just applied. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune … [Read more...]

The teenage brain and how it works

Just as nutrition in the early childhood years is crucial to a schoolchild’s IQ, the experiences of the adolescent brain can affect behavior as adult. It was always assumed the brain is fully … [Read more...]

Airport scanners are safe but you have the right to say no!

While travelling last December – January from the northern to the southern hemisphere, I and my family must have gone through at least 10 different security check points. I don’t think we ever went … [Read more...]

It’s skiing season – helmets on, please

It is that time of the year gain. All over Switzerland as well as in other parts of Europe, families are heading to the mountains. It is the annual 2-week winter sports holidays school break. Of … [Read more...]

The heart, the thyroid, and medications: it’s not yet over

My heart problems are still not over... Sad to feel bad on this day of hearts. To backtrack, I presented with symptoms of hyperthyroidism starting last week, which is most probably due to wrong … [Read more...]

Love as painkiller?

Happy Valentines’ Day, everyone! Love eases all pain. Sounds like a really cliché even on this day of hearts. But surprise, surprise. There is actually science behind this. No less than researchers … [Read more...]

Surrogacy: the new trend in reproductive tourism

Surrogacy, something which was quite taboo just a few years ago, has become quite acceptable, even mainstream. This may be partly due to the publicity that celebrities like Rick Martin to Elton John, … [Read more...]

Let’s Move! turns 1

Let's Move! Celebrates First Anniversary First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative against childhood obesity celebrated its first birthday on February 7. All over the US, events to … [Read more...]

Cancer prevention in the headlines, 11 February

February is National Heart Month in the US. What is not well known is that it is also the Cancer Prevention Month. Hence, we are bringing you some news on this topic... Analysis: New Mammography … [Read more...]

Your child’s diet and her/his IQ

What your child eats can have an effect on his or her IQ. And the earlier you start them on the healthy diet, the better. Results from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children show that … [Read more...]

Dabigatran is the new drug for stroke prevention

People suffering from arrhythmia are prone to stroke. Stroke may be prevented with the use of anticoagulants. Before September 2010, the most common prophylactic oral anticoagulants approved for this … [Read more...]

Thanks for allergies?

Here is another news item that supports the idea that allergies are “a blessing in disguise.“ It may provide protection against a type of brain tumor. Glioma is “the most common form of primary … [Read more...]

The heart, the thyroid and medications

When it feels like your heart is jumping erratically inside your chest, you ask yourself “What’s wrong with me?” If you are a health-conscious person like me, you will ask “Where did I do wrong?” Was … [Read more...]

Stuttering: what we know then and now

The condition called stuttering hasn’t attracted much attention until the release of the film „The King’s Speech“. The film is about King George the VI (played by Colin Firth) of England who suffered … [Read more...]

In pursuit of happiness: who’s happy and who’s not and why

Okay, so now we know that years and wrinkles bring happiness. But there are other factors aside from age that contribute to our well-being, right? Male vs. Female Gender seems to play a role in … [Read more...]

NYC: No smoking in parks and beaches

“My world gets smaller everyday”, an old song goes. I can imagine that smokers are feeling this way these days. Especially in New York City. It all started with smoking bans in restaurants and bars in … [Read more...]

Health updates, 4 February: All about our food

Food Bill Aims to Improve Safety Data from the CDC indicates that 1 in 6 Americans catch some kid of food-borne disease each year. Approximately 48 million people are affected according to the … [Read more...]

Heart(y) News: Wear Red Today, 4 February

Are you ready to paint the town red today? Or at least wear something red. I'm planning to for 2 special reasons. It’s National Wear Red Day in the US and many parts of the world. And I'm attending a … [Read more...]

My resolution: Eat as well as my kids

“Do what I say, don’t do what I do.” Is this the rule we set for our kids at home? It seems that many parents, while being particular about providing a healthy diet for their kids, are actually … [Read more...]

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