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Melissa Cameron is a freelance writer providing valuable tips and advice for consumers online. Her numerous articles offer money saving tips and valuable insight on typically confusing topics. Melissa loves surfing the internet, looking for deals and learning new things. In fact, her husband fondly calls her the walking infomercial!

Ways to Get in Shape this Summer – Feeling Healthy

If you are like me, and many other people, in constantly thinking when looking into a mirror ‘I need to get in shape…’, then now is the time to do it. A lot of people will simply say these things, … [Read more...]

The 4 Easiest Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

I’m really not a fan of fad diets and I don’t trust their methods at all, but there are still some ways you can genuinely lose weight quickly without having to put it all back on again. For me, the … [Read more...]

Avoiding Back Surgery – 4 Potential Alternatives

If you have recently developed back pain, and have the fear of facing back surgery, you are not alone. Or perhaps you have been suffering in silence for a while now, because you don’t want anyone … [Read more...]

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