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Check out our new Battling For Health .org Store! Battling For Health Facebook Page Testing ... 1.2.3. // practicing export blog posts into facebook page .. HART (aka BFH Admin) … [Read more...]

Neck Pain and Car Related Injuries – infographic

According to data published by FORBES and provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation, nearly 150,000 Americans are injured every year simply in the process of opening and closing their car … [Read more...]

The History Of Madness – Infographic

"People are crazy and have always been. But the ways we've dealt with the off-kilter have changed drastically over time..." Take a look over this infographic created by Best Counseling Degrees to … [Read more...]

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Effective August 13, 2013 I have decided to switch from Aweber to Mailchimp to better create, send, and track email newsletters for the Battling For Health blog. Can you please sign up to the new … [Read more...]

TMW: Back and Biceps Day

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Dissecting Depression – Infographic

Are you depressed? Canada Drug Center has created this infographic about depression. Over 121 million people worldwide are depressed. Please help share the awareness and recognized symptoms of … [Read more...]

Bulking and Cutting Tips

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How I lost weight MUST SEE!

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Quick tips for Health Wellness and Thrive…

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How I’m Keeping Off Over 150 Pounds! My Top Weight Loss and Diet Tips!

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Your Weight Loss – How to Lose Weight Fast ~Pt. 2

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Your Weight Loss – How to Lose Weight Fast ~Pt. 1

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How To Build Muscle Fast

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3 Easy Tips To Lose Fat – Your Weight Loss

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Why You’re An STD Risk [Infographic]

If any of these risk factors apply to you, please recognize the importance of health and STD testing and be responsible! In this infographic you will find: * the top risk factors for acquiring … [Read more...]

Infographic – Sitting is Killing You

Replicated Via: Medical Billing And Coding As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, there is one thing nearly all modern Americans have in common: we sit all the time. Though our great … [Read more...]

Welcome To The New And Improved Battling For Health Community

Front Page Welcome to our new community ... which, is part of our existing community! A few things to note that we are now running under the "Genesis Framework' using the Lifestyle theme and it … [Read more...]

Under Construction – Building A New Template Theme In Real Time

Hello. It's 11:30pm CST November 24, 2010 ... and I will be CHANGING the current theme from THESIS to a GENESIS Framework. This involves a complete overhaul, as I am not sure at the moment which … [Read more...]

When Giants Walked the Earth; A Biography of Led Zeppelin

Veteran rock journalist Mick Wall unflinchingly tells the story of the band that pushed the envelope on both creativity and excess, even by rock 'n' roll standards. Led Zeppelin was the last great … [Read more...]

Understanding Arthritis Chart

Understanding Arthritis Chart … [Read more...]

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