Your Blood is Talking: Are You Listening

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Your Blood is Talking: Are You Listening?

Have you listened to your blood lately? If you’re like most people, the answer is no. Many people don’t understand just how much information a single blood test can hold. According to Larry Creswell, M.D., establishing a relationship with a primary physician is a first step in getting blood tests that are specific to your needs. Here’s what your blood can tell you if you’re willing to listen:


A blood test, or a general health profile, can tell you what’s going on inside of your body. While you may think that you don’t need a blood test while you’re feeling well, you couldn’t be more incorrect. Having a blood test while you’re healthy will give you and your doctor a baseline. In other words, it will tell you and your doctor what your cells and organs are doing while you’re healthy. Should you get sick in the future, your doctor will have something to compare new results to.


Blood tests are the quickest way to tell if you have diabetes. If your doctor suspects that you’re diabetic, she will order a fasting glucose. The results of this test, for the average person, range from 70 to 99 mg/dL. If you fall somewhere above or below these numbers, you may be diagnosed with diabetes. Why is this important? Because the sooner you discover your condition, the sooner you can get in under control. In fact, if you are pre-diabetic, you have a very real chance of turning your health around with simple lifestyle changes.

blood work

3.Thyroid Issues

If you’re feeling fatigued and are experiencing changes in your weight, you could be suffering with a thyroid condition. If you fall below the normal ranges, you are considered to have hypothyroidism. When you’re above the normal ranges, you are considered to have hyperthyroidism. In either case, thyroid disease is fairly easy to control with the right medications.

4.STDs or STIs

Sexually transmitted diseases, now more commonly called sexually transmitted infections, can be detected through blood tests and physical examinations along with other diagnostic testing. One of the most deadly infections, HIV/AIDS, can only be detected through a blood test. If you have had unprotected sex, you are at risk. The CDC recommends blood testing at least annually if you are sexually active outside of a monogamous relationship.


High cholesterol is one of the leading causes of heart disease. If you don’t eat the healthiest of diets, you are at risk for developing high cholesterol. A simple blood test can detect fat levels in your blood, alerting your doctor to your need for lifestyle changes and medication. Cholesterol problems tend to run in families. If you have a close relative with high cholesterol and don’t pay attention to your own diet and exercise, it’s important that you get tested.

Your blood can provide you and your doctor with a wealth of information. The next time that your doctor suggests routine blood work, don’t balk at the directive. Most diseases and conditions are more easily controlled when they are detected early. Listen to what your blood is trying to tell you.

Karen Alton writes for health blogs. If you’re sexually active in the Vegas area, you may want to check for chlamdia at a Las Vegas testing center.

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