Preparing Your Body for Egg Donation

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In Vitro Fertilization (IFV) is a method of providing couples, who are otherwise physically incapable, the opportunity to create a family and have a child of their own. This amazing technological achievement allows for a woman to become pregnant through an artificial process by means of creating an embryo outside the woman’s body rather than inside. The process can a complex multistage ordeal. Due to all the steps involved, failure of a successful pregnancy can occur at any point. However, there are steps one can do to ensure the best chances for success are in place. The most important thing you can do beforehand is quite simply, prepare. Preparation for all aspects of the IFV process is quite important, like selecting the best clinic and doctor, or the best donor if required. But one facet of preparation stands out significantly above the rest, which is preparing your body for this jarring and often stressful procedure.


Preparing your body for IFV is the single most important thing you can do to ensure the success and health of your coming baby. However, the key to preparing your body for IFV is to understand what the process entails and what effects it will have on your body as well as what it will require of you.



Making sure your mind is ready for the challenges of IFV is the first step in preparing for it. Preparing in this sense does not have to be all inclusive either; take it slowly and create a proper mental inventory.  Emotional preperation should of course include things like considering the stresses of the IFV processes and the consequences of being a parent, but try to remember things like what-if scenarios. Be prepared by talking with your doctor, not about every possible problem that could arise since that causes unnecessary stress and does not help anyone, but rather about known previous problems you might have that could complicate things. Also remember to be able to adjust to the new stresses involved with IFV and the changes in schedules it will cause by allowing time for relaxation and natural stress reduction activities. Also make sure to communicate with your partner, they will share some of the same stresses you may have.  Having a strong support system is the foundation for great emotional preparation.


Body- Nutrition


The next step in making sure your IFV is as successful as possible is to make sure your body has the necessary energy and nutrients to support yourself, accept the new embryo, and subsequently support it. The standard “eat healthy” tactic still applies, such as a balanced diet including healthy vegetables, fruits, meats, etc., but that alone is sometimes not enough. A daily multi-vitamin can be important in covering for any missed vitamins and minerals, but it is equally important to consume enough water and stay hydrated. The other side of nutrition is avoiding certain things in your daily life. There are obvious one like tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs, all of which can cause damage to the embryo and elevates the chances of a birth defect. But there are some lesser known things to avoid in the IFV processes and during pregnancy itself. Chocolate and foods with a high-count of simple sugars and fats should be avoided, along with caffeine and other stimulants. But the one people forget about the most are the prescription drugs that are already being taken. It is important to discuss any medications currently being taken with your doctor. Many times the prescription drugs are harmless to the IFV and pregnancy process, but it is better to be safe and check with your doctor beforehand if the drug you are taking will create any complications.


Body- Physical


The last step in preparing your body for IFV is to make sure it can handle the physical stresses that appear in the process. When beginning IFV, one should be neither overweight or underweight. Both make it difficult for the embryo to be successful in becoming attached to the uterine wall due to the changes made to your body from being either over or underweight. Try to be at a median healthy weight as discussed by your doctor, just be practical in trying to obtain the target weight. Over exercise or extreme diets can be more detrimental to your health than helpful, and they lower the success rates of IFV. Light exercise, such as walking, is the best option for women trying to become pregnant through IFV since it allows for a much less stressful and jarring physical stimulus, which can be detrimental to the development of an embryo.


Making preparations is the safest thing one can do if you are thinking about, or about to begin IFV. Preparing your body mentally, nutritionally and physically will allow for a greater chance of success and allow for a healthier, more enjoyable IFV experience. 


Cynthia Dorsch loves writing about health and wellness. In her free time she can often be found researching and catching up on trending techniques and new innovations in the medical field. She currently writes and blogs forMyEggBank

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