Nick Jonas Has Been Battling Type 1 Diabetes for 4 Years!

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Nick Jonas Has Been Battling Type 1 Diabetes for 4 Years!

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Yup! Nick was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on November 16th 2005. 4 years ago! And ever since, he has been a hero to all of us. Keep it up Nick! Never let it slow you down! Thank you Nick, for being such an amazing insperation, idol, but most importantly, perosn. Thank you for raising awareness about Diabetes so we can all help find a cure! Together, we can team up, and fight against Diabetes. To help make a difference in the world, to give kids with diabetes to live a normal like like all of us! A life without fear, a life with freedom! To help Nick! Wear you dog tags with pride, and support Nick Jonas and his battle against diabetes! “A little bit longer…and I’ll be fine” -Nick Jonas 🙂 We love you and support you Nick! Forever! You gave us love, it’s our turn to give it back to you!

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4 Responses to “Nick Jonas Has Been Battling Type 1 Diabetes for 4 Years!”
  1. Trevor Mills says:

    Hello, I am 13 years old and I’m a fan, I was to diagnosed the day after valentines and the exact same thing happen to me, i lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks i was very sick, So now i Have type 1 diabetes and ill tell you, it is very hard to deal with, But Nick jonas inspired me. To smile even thought i have it. Trevor

  2. joerocks23zb says:

    I love nick!
    He doesnt let his diabetes slow him down..and he still doesnt!(:
    Keep on Fighting ♥

  3. Tasbeeha123 says:

    aaww this made me cry =(

  4. XoXSweetestXoX says:

    ah, this made me cry.
    iloveyou nick.
    never slow down.
    so excited for his solo/band album 😀

    keep fighting on nick 😀

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