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According to data published by FORBES and provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation, nearly 150,000 Americans are injured every year simply in the process of opening and closing their car door! I know that I am part of that statistic – and, I live in Manitoba Canada.

I have a small 5mm protusion on my spinal nerve endings (L5-S1) that affect my left side of my lower half of my body and neck and lower back, I did resurface my back injury getting out of my car. I pulled into the gym parking lot and reached over to the floor by the passenger side and grabbed my gym bag. Then, I twisted left and put my left foot out of the open car door and tried to get out, carrying my gym bag in my right hand and I felt a jolt going through my entire body from my left foot to my neck and couldn’t walk for about half an hour. It has taken me about 2 months after that to get my act together where I can walk at a pace and bend down and lower back not bother me.

Please pay attention to this important infographic supplied about common injuries suffered suffered in car crashes and car accidents. I don’t want you to suffer any injuries or whiplash during the holiday season!

Have a safe holiday!

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