TMW: Back and Biceps Day

TMW: Back and Biceps Day

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Links to TMW t-shirts and apparel UK and Europe SEE OUR RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENTS VISIT Even though you are performing effective compound exercises in the gym if you are not sore the next day switch to similar exercises that work the same muscle group if this new exercise makes you sore the next day then that exercise is most effective for you!! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNELS MAIN CHANNEL NATURAL BODYBUILDING AND FITNESS CHANNEL SPORTS CHANNEL GAMING CHANNEL FACEBOOK tags: “The Best Exercise for the Back”

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Suggestions, comments etc appreciated down below!


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  1. rsidani91 says

    @Tanneri18 when you watch your diet and cut down on fats so u can get ripped

  2. MultiGerman123 says

    @Tanneri18 fat loss

  3. Is anybody else’s shirt order taking forever to get to them? Damn man!!!

  4. xXReptar82Xx says

    @RichyRoo832 Lmfao!

  5. I wanna see you your 3rd brother and the 4 year transformation video!! 😀

  6. ClusterPhoqe says


  7. cant really bend ova much ill SNAP MY FUCKIN BACK UP!

  8. @mastika213 i’m 17 years old, 180lbs 5’11 and i have been bulking for 2 years, i’m pretty big but getting cut is needed, how much protein,fat, or calories should i take in?

  9. @121mendez how the fuck are you going to ask then correct me bitch? stupid ass mexican

  10. TheOnlyMiclann says


  11. i got that jelly in my stomach too MANE!

  12. 3:02 pretty vascular.. ahaha


    @Tanneri18 When you lose your body fat from bulking.

  14. mastika213 says

    @Tanneri18 it means that in order for a muscle to grow it needs to be damaged what cutting means that they slightly cut their lagging muscles with a knife so they grow faster and have better symetry

  15. Kevin is fucking funny is this video haha

  16. @IamJonas1710 lol thanx!

  17. mastika213 says

    @LoveShyRobot cuz your grip sucks dont worry it will go away soon as your forearms get stronger

  18. Horsemenjenson says

    man, i cant wait til after college when i can finally get into my bodybuilding routine and build some gddamn muscle using everything u guys r teaching. I’m probably going to college for track and cant afford any extra weight that will slow me down but man i cant wait

  19. hardcoredan81 says

    Did i hear cock vein o_0?

  20. IamJonas1710 says

    @3WadeD3 well done dude

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