Video Essay: Battling Childhood Obesity

Video Essay: Battling Childhood Obesity

A physical education teacher told the AP her Chicago school only has enough resources and gym space to hold classes once a week for each student. Betty Hale said that’s not enough to make a real difference in childhood obesity. (June 15)

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  1. envymyshots says

    Battle childhood obesity?
    How about battling shitty parenting.

  2. drainoftheage369 says

    i ran a 6:30 mile in middle school =/ …. 16 minutes is walking… i guess kids dont play sports anymore?

  3. BinkieMcFartnuggets says

    Next step, coping with physical education teacher gender identity issues.

  4. This was great!

  5. That’s horrible! I had phys-ed everyday in grade school.

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