I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Hannibal & Hit 2 calisthenics experts educate you on a few exercises they personally use to help develop a strong tricep, you can incorporate these exercises into your own current fitness programs. We will also be providing you with any advice, fitness tips, etc so feel free to ask us questions, thanks for watching Contact us anytime here: HANNIBAL HIT CLASH OF BAR TITANZ PAGE

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  1. Free hand exercises are the best, no lifting tedious weights, and the way you describes is one of the most famous exercise for the context, thanks for emphasizing it.

  2. on your traps, look at the eyes of hit when he’s saying traps haha

  3. LolPowerranger16 says:

    Song Name : Anno Domini Beats – Wicked Ways (Instrumental)

  4. ONERHE357 says:



  5. @Deyan70

    Anno Domini Beats – Wicked Ways (Instrumental)

  6. Derek3531ify says:

    Song name Anno Domini Beats – Wicked Ways


    @Nonlethal106 yes all is true. you should get a Facebook and subscribe to the pages you see on the main wall.

  8. Nonlethal106 says:

    Whoa Woa Whoa, based on the video and what im seeing in the comments. Are you saying that the “Clash of the Bar Titanz DVD” will have tutorials like these, along with each of Hannibals and Hit’s personal diets? Also i do not have a facebook, so whose youtube channels should i subscribe to to be notified of the DvD’s release, cause if someone can verify that the above statements are true, then i am totally gunna buy this DVD!

  9. This bodyweight stuff movement is growing bigger and bigger around the World. Mainly because of web and because of bar titans like HFK and Hit. This is perfect idea to educate and inspire young ones, because they (including me) are more wiling to learn those thing from the best, like You Both. We really hope than these series will continue to come out even after DVD. Can`t wait to see how Titans work on their chests, and how to get so great biceps without weights like Hannibal have. Peace!

  10. TheREDSKAL says:

    do you guys do long reps or low reps? long meaning over 20 and low meaning 8-12

  11. steelxlife says:

    @Ballaoftheyear16 NO NEED THAT FOR BIG TRICEPS


    @ONERHE357 Thanks bro look forward to much more from us.

  13. steelxlife says:


  14. Double H TEam (Hannibal and Hit), i believe that i’m dreaming, two of my favorite barhitters in NY togetter now, brothers keep puting that motivation to help to the youth around the wolrd, you boys and all the bar comunity helped me with that motivation, therefore it would be a honor to workout with people like you in New York…RESPECT FROM MEXICO AND KEEP DOING GROWTH MOTIVATION BROTHERS!!!

  15. WhiteSilver37 says:

    It’s awesome that you guys shoot some videos together now, really useful and inspiring. Keep up the great work, waiting for more vids!

  16. song song song :)))

  17. calisthenicskingz says:

    @MentalWeapon you will find both of our personal diets on our forth coming dvd, but we will put up some of our dieting here.

  18. MentalWeapon says:

    will you be posting segments about nutrition and dieting? I hear the diet and rest are just as important as the working if not more so?

  19. Ballaoftheyear16 says:

    i dont have a T bar -.-!!

  20. kenzajunior says:

    Hannibal & Hit the kings!!!!

  21. song song song song song song 😀

  22. StrongL1fts says:

    Lol , cuut cuuut

  23. Next paycheck is to buy your dvds, I need to get ready for next summer.Hey what do you know about The After Burn???EPOC Can you talk about it?

  24. 4lifeHector says:

    Hey, you are the best!

  25. Song name?

  26. Aamatniekss says:

    @OFFICIALBARTITANZ Yeah, that’s great! 🙂 Good job! Waiting for next videos.

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