I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

In this video I show you how I detangle my hair and the importance of detangling towards LONG HEALTHY HAIR! SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS THAT PROMOTE LONG HEALTHY HAIR!

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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  1. why not just use a good dentangling spray?..=)

  2. i also have quiet long hair,and i love to take care of my hair too,i also think you should cut just the end of your hair a little cause they look quiet thin to me… Anyway thank you!!!

  3. MySkiesAreBlue24 says:

    longer hair is eaiser to manage as well.

  4. phantasee2 says:

    Did you use a leave in after co-washing or did you rinse out the conditioner after detangling???

  5. oooh trust me your hair is not worst case cenario lol u should see mine after i wash it… its baaaaaad lol

  6. i’m glad you’re showing detangling on a braid out. i have the most trouble then

  7. creation1169 says:

    Thanks for the video, I just tried to tell this girl who braids my hair not to just pull through the tangles in my hair she took it the wrong way. you have confirmed what i said. CREATION

  8. mixedwithcinnamon says:

    It detangles very well. Less to no hair in the comb. I needed a comb for my daughters texlaxed hair but can also be used on my natural hair. I then stumbled upon this comb and realized that is was seamless. I found that it is very sturdy. I don’t think anything can break it. It was a little smaller than I expected- about 7 inches but we really like it. I make four plaits in her hair and wash n sections. Then I detangle with the comb while conditoning. (works great)

  9. Wrong. Even the bible says to annoit they hair with oil. In other words we are suppose to take care of our body, mind and the spirit.

  10. I just checked out this combe and it seems great. The teeth are pretty wide though. Does it really detangle the hair well?

  11. I love your straight forwardness about hair. I am natural and your information can be used by anyone or for any “type” of hair. Thanks for keeping it real!

  12. TotallyTyra says:

    Awesome video! I’ve been on my hair journey since July 07 and rather than a “set-back” I feel like I’ve had a “set-stop”. I really think detangling using your method will help me!
    ~Tink (from BHM)

  13. TheTruthisHair says:

    11 weeks

  14. NayNaySoFly16 says:

    wow the video kept going but it ended at 3:18 WERID…

  15. TheTruthisHair says:

    Right now it’s December I will do it in January, Ok?

  16. TheTruthisHair says:


  17. I wanna see you straighten your hair.

  18. Recklessfire0 says:

    you know this was my main problem when I began my hair journey 4months ago and I recently found out I was doing it wrong. It hurt so much, but now I know and thanks for the great video. It is very informative.

  19. TheTruthisHair says:

    If you have been combing her hair hard before she has to gain your confidence that your going to go soft and gentle.

  20. 1blksunshine says:

    I can take my time and detangle mine but what about my 7 year old who i have tie down to even brush her hair, help me

  21. It’s just something I say for fun.

  22. TheTruthisHair says:

    No, long hair and lipstick is not everything. I firmly believe in being balanced in MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT! It’s about feeling good inside and outside.

  23. Long hair is everything. so is lipstick. Vanity.

  24. much2sincere says:

    How many weeks post relaxer are you in this video?

  25. I really enjoy your viceos. They are very informative and helpful.

    I’m trying hard to get my daughter to start practising good technique for taking care of her texturized hair but at the age of 14 she is lazy. She see’s how much time I spend on my hair to grow it out and retain lenght and she just can’t be bothered. I think when she see’s how long my natural hair gets she’ll change her attitude.

    Thanks for the video.

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