Fitness – 15 Minute Extreme Workout

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

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  1. Whoa! I am W-I-N-D-E-D! Thanks! Thanks! for this effective work out…waaay much better than my 3 mile run on the treadmill at the Gym..Keep up the good work..! I have been watching you since last year and I have lost 25 lbs and counting…got 10lbs to go…yaaay! for Moi..! lol

  2. weathered79 says:

    these vids arevery effective i’m really getting bored with weights bodyweight exercises are more conveniant i can do anywhere anytime

  3. Nice!  🙂

  4. DesignGirl00 says:

    she breathes that way for a reason..something to do with oxygen in and out…I think she explains it on her blog. She’s not just winded.

  5. She should’ve done it indoors. The place is crawling with algae. D:

  6. elenatwilight says:

    Hey Zuzana,

    I am starting to watch some of your videos (which I think are amazing and very helpful) but I was wondering if you would give me any advise on any exercises that can make me grow. I have heard they are some, but I haven’t seen any, so if you have any advise please message me or do a video tutorial. I would be forever grateful!
    Thank you- Elena

  7. paspas77777 says:

    Amazing workout..!
    She looks gorgeous as usual.
    Editing and camera work is also awesome.

  8. potbottle says:

    How many reps does she do for each excercise?

  9. LuvThyMetal says:

    Damn im loving those abs !!

  10. this lady is incredibly hot! Makes me wanna go bench press a Yugo!

  11. Lugubriousdescent says:

    she turns me the fck on!

  12. She need to wear shinier spandex! I’d love to see Zuzana go retro a bit!

  13. exploreryen says:

    wow, she’s losing her breath. I suppose she’s phyiscally fit. I can’t imagine I’m doing this exercise.

  14. charliejames1975 says:

    Hi amberz87 – I have all the reps and sets info on my site for each of the exercises – stop by there and leave a comment on how you did.

  15. aerialfury says:

    ohh shit shes getting ripped

  16. I tried to count how many I did. I did 15 rounds and MAN did it hurt my upper thighs!! I didnt feel anything from the crunch, but my legs are burning enough for both muscles.

    I’m not sure how many she did for each snowborad, that counts as one “rep”? Looks like she jumped up and down about 4 times, so i just did 4 to 6 jumps each time.

    I did it under 15 mins, about 12 mins but I was trying to hurry, and I probably didnt do the crunches right, because they didnt hurt.

  17. How many reps did you do for each exercise?

  18. greypeter says:

    I do those jump squat switches in P90X and they are BRUTAL!

  19. holyy shit your body is soo tonedd! 😀

  20. Wow you are very beautiful…. You are getting very ripped too, looks nice but don’t over do it… I admire that you actually take time of your life to record these and help people out on their personal workouts FOR FREE.

  21. motoxdady says:


  22. Nice shoes! Wow you are getting really ripped there. Nice workout and I admire you give out these workout tips and videos for free.

  23. iHateToRegister says:

    everytime i see you i’m in love again!

  24. That first exercise is very good. I make my clients do it all the time.

  25. supitsemily says:

    Awesome! I’m going to try this today & I’m going to beat you! 😉

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