Rockstar Health & Fitness – Episode 5 ft. Hedley

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Skee.TV presents Rockstar Health & Fitness, a new original Web series hosted by music industry executive & KIIS-FM yoga instructor Lori Rischer. Rockstar H&F features celebrities sharing their health, diet, and fitness tips. In this episode, Hedley frontman, Jake Hoggard, discusses how he balances life, music and health. The 9-episode Rockstar season’s all-star line up includes Kirsten Price, Kim Glass, Lala Romero, OneRepublic, Patrick Stump, among others. Check out next week’s episode featuring recording artist Kirsten Price. Created by Lori Rischer and Sera Roadnight. Produced By Skee.TV.

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  1. AlyAlisonWonderland says

    @youngleafer how do they know jake has a gf? is that wat ur asking?

  2. hedleyjake321 says

    @youngleafer LOL just sayinggg, they look very flirty lol but i know jake has a prob not. lol

  3. youngleafer says

    @hedleyjake321 … uhmm how exactly do you know this… 😛 ?

  4. Thanks for the invite sorry for the delay! I’m a doctor has several weeks that I have surgery scheduled !!!… I love your channel welcome to my ….. Thanks for the comments …. KISSES AND BLOOD VAL

  5. Super cute episode! Love the show gang!

  6. one of the best episodes! jake is hilarious!

  7. purplehedley says

    Oh yeah, and one more random thought for the day… If I had a quarter for every time Jake said “absolutely!” in this video… I’d have $2.75.

  8. hedleyjake321 says

    they slept together

  9. purplehedley says

    It’s times like this when I’m VERY thankful for Youtube in HD. 😉

  10. oh my goddd, the ending xD

  11. workoutdude100 says

    He really wanted to eat that salad. ending was hilarious.

  12. Hot, sexy, and funny. <3 Jake

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