I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Tired of the same old you? Fancy getting fit? Follow this video and you’ll be in shape in no time! twitter.com Music used with permission from DFTBA records Driftless Pony Club – Legends of Archery visit dftba.com where you can buy the album!

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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  1. DarkKitsuneTsuki says

    Lol awesome vid <3 btw, you are GORGEOUS don't let anyone say otherwise

  2. illuminatijews says

    JUst dont fart bitch, dont fart.

  3. syrusdavirus08 says

    another ledge of a video , keep up the good work sister! ! x

  4. @Nobsocks does that even make sense?

  5. you’re a fat shit dick

  6. XD This is epic.

  7. Gas Blooper FTW! LOL

    Keep on YouTubin!

  8. jamilahrebekah says

    You’re amazing. This was hilarious. I love you.

  9. beccyrixon says

    @chrisbogdan it’s the secret trick to effortless weight loss! Thank you good sir 🙂

  10. beccyrixon says

    @geohicky thank you! i love you too 🙂

  11. you’re hilarious <3 the double bra was amazing

  12. I am dying with laughter. Totally in love with you x

  13. TheEnglishZulu says

    Keep us updated with your results init!

    im on twitter too, @christhezulu

  14. WelliesMummy says

    soooo funny at the end! I’m actually crying with laughter!

  15. VitaminDeej says

    i can tell you enjoyed making this xD loved it!

  16. Great Vid :))

  17. chrisbogdan says

    thats what I’m missing from my workout… a bra on the outside of my shirt…
    Loved the video… hillarious! Especially the end…

  18. suchawastejenny says

    This is brilliant, this is my favourite video of yours yet (: minus the ones I’m in ofc.

  19. outofmyelement says

    I laughed a little too much at “feel free to get off.”

    Also, I just interluded and it makes a GREAT cool down exercise. Or warm up. Or exercise. woot woot. xD

  20. hahaha This made me laugh.

    Love the song!

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