Andy Rooneys views on Women in the Work Place

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

: Andy Rooney makes a public announcement denouncing sexual harassment, but he doesnt support it. Its a quite interesting video. Take a look! Looking to survive with better health visit Contact us at: Looking to survive in today’s economy visit

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  1. clevelandphil says:

    A message to women: You can’t stand the heat, get back in the kitchen where you belong.

  2. somalisulja says:


  3. onedollarphilistine says:

    @wendym1234 It would have to be the early ’90s, judging by the pronunciation of “Hair-us-mint”. And the Clarence Thomas topical reference. I don’t know why everybody said hair-us-mint back then.

  4. freetacophenom says:

    Women also sexually harass men too

  5. wendym1234 says:

    What year was this broadcast? Harassment is obvious unwanted sexual attention that makes the woman uncomfortable. I’m sure the women models don’t feel that way. But other women who do, and working with men, should be respected -and that’s simply it!

  6. joesingle says:

    This guy Rocks!

  7. Urine-ass

  8. BorgKing001 says:

    So because some models posed in their underwear means all women want attention?

  9. @EmceeNolan Technically, it’s “OO-run-OOZ”. If you make a blood offering to “urine-us”, Hades only knows what kinda crops would come up.

  10. EmceeNolan says:

    @steveasat2 “urine-us” is the CORRECT pronunciation.

  11. HiDantheBear says:

    how old is that newspaper?

  12. steveasat2 says:

    Harrisment, LOL. “Knock it off, Harris, you’re making us all look bad!” I get the feeling Andy’s also the type who says “urine-us” instead of “yer-anus”.

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