All around athlete doing crazy workouts and exercises- training fitness

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

For questions on training or tips, join our discussions at: http Training is a passion. I believe that exercise is the best stress outlet. The song is sweatshop union- hit the wall Song was used by permission, and many thank yous to sweatshop union for that!

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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  1. GOOD! last time i was watching this i wasnt as strong as i am now 😀

  2. palazino123 says

    Wonderful is motivating me 🙂

  3. 740HoopSquad says

    @paul25481 Looks like chicken and rice

  4. dslashtathamo says

    heeyy, long beach huh? Donovan Morris here LB bball Alum, 😀 follow greatness man good ish!


  5. @strengthproject what i believe he means, is that ur body is top notch, but the main athletics sports need some technique also, but i do believe u have an amazing body, strength and mindset, kudos for ya, if u train a specific sport u are gonna be pretty good!

  6. Nikesports101 says

    Crazy!! haha

  7. blackBATauto says

    so can u play football? hockey? ride dirtbikes? snowboards? skateboards? what about surf? can play any sort of racket sport? ca u sprint? can you fight??? how do you figure ur an all around athlete?

  8. the definition of being ripped! WOW!

  9. great workout man i think that u could do better in 0:27 because u aren’t doing 100% wright, but great workout and body man keep training

  10. wow, amazing! great job 🙂

  11. fatboy9139 says

    you should make a video about all those juices that you drink :))

  12. strengthproject says

    good for you

  13. vikingsFan2100 says

    @strengthproject id smoke u in any sport and u know it..6 packs dont mean shit punk

  14. strengthproject says

    You sound like one of those 40 year old guy that still brags about high school… you still wear your varsity jacket, right? I never did gymnastics. WHat do you know about my background? Your videos are garbage and so is your viewpoint. Waste of time

  15. vikingsFan2100 says

    you aint no all around athlete..youre a gymnast. Let me see you play basketball, football, baseball and hockey, the 4 major sports as well as i do on my videos..gymnasts are closet fags

  16. Awesome bro! Keep goin!

  17. jgonyer38 says

    if i looked like you………….

  18. If you workout this intensely everyday, how do you not over train?

  19. TheMarkiz121 says

    Hey how much sleep do you get with that 2am nightly crunches and sit ups? Been doing 250 push ups and 500 sit ups 5am every morning, but barely get any sleep haha

  20. 2:08 i can tell that you high jumped the way you start your approach

  21. 0:54 what is that height it looks impressive

  22. sealzZA97 says

    Great video, inspires me to keep training! BTW, whats the song?

  23. 080itech00 says

    name of the song? D:

  24. 69BadjaoLonewolf69 says

    ikaw na da best ka

  25. tybennion1 says

    how did you start off your workouts? and what is your nutrition plan?

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