Fitness – Fit Pregnancy with Cindy: Balance Exercises To Stay Fit

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

ExerciseTV Trainer Cindy Whitmarsh shares some great workouts for the mommy-to-be! Formore nutrition and fitness tips visit Cindy’s blog: If you want the chance to have Cindy review YOUR food journal and post a flipcam video about it–keep a detailed food journal for 3 days along with your overall fitness goal/nutrition hurdle and email it to: If you enjoyed Cindy’s video please “LIKE” ExerciseTV MOM’s Facebook Page for more of the inside scoop just for MOM’s like YOU!!

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  1. anitaslinda says:

    Hey Cindy, you are such a great trainer that i saw your fit pregnacy series even though i´m not pregant. Continue with your good work, you already help me a lot with your workouts.

  2. rachbartley58 says:

    I am really curious, how much weight have you gained so far? What was your pre-pregnancy weight? How tall are you? Do you have any weird food cravings? What do you eat on a day to day basis? Are you having a planned c-section or are you going v-back?

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