5 Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


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  1. My advise for an healthy life is to walk dogs if you like animals, even if you don’t have one, you can borrow your friend’s one, you’ll walk and relax at the same time… and then, in the morning after you woke up, do some stretching, it takes five minutes but will change your body! 😉

  2. @LChristean She said powerade was bad for you, because of the 8 freaking tons of sugar in it. If you do have it, it should either be diluted ( powerade+water=dilluted) or in moderation. It does restore some things lost in sweat, but that doesn’t mean you should have it EVERY day. And she never said milk was bad for you either. you’re pulling stuff out of no where. =-(

  3. rollingstar2221 says

    Always try to drink water between classes at your locker if you have time. My doctor recommended it, since I run cross country and track and I don’t always drink as much as I should.

  4. 03ashleylynn says

    Eat every 2-3 hours just like a small snack like an apple or 100 calorie pack. Because when you eat like once or twice a day(especially if you eat quite a bit during those times) your stomach freaks out and holds onto that food because it doesn’t know when it will be fed again and turns it to fat. So by snacking (on something healthy obviously) every few hours your stomach won’t do that.

  5. FutureWisdom says

    A tip that ive learned is eat foods with less carbs and eat foods with protein. Carbs are easier for the body to turn into fat or whatever and protien actually works the body to process.

  6. 333FireStarter says

    If you are going to drink gatorade or powerade it should be diluted first. 1 part Powerade/gatorade and 1 part water.

  7. Powerade is not bad for you. You’re forgetting that it restores your electrolytes and keeps you from becoming dehydrated. Also there is nothing wrong with drinking milk with meals to keep your calcium levels up when you work out. Especially for women.

  8. hotgirl4ever2001 says

    I think it would be biking 😀

  9. Androokrieger says

    Cool vid brittany^^ I don’t think you need to tell us there would be a giveaway at the end to get us to watch the whole video 😉 I watch the till the end anyways 😀 Keep going 😀

  10. ChelsieBaybeeox says

    @HeyBritttany oo no, i’ve never tried that. might do that 🙂 thanks!

  11. MichaelAkselsen says

    My healthy lifestyle consists of running every 2 days and in between, twice a week lifting weights/boxing training.

  12. Eat Cinnamon! It sounds weird but it helps burn calories! Oh and eat fish ALOT. Fish really helps when losing weight and it’s a great source of protein. (:

  13. @HeyBritttany haha no no,i meant sleep enough and eat something healthy like every 2 hours.don’t eat right after you wake up or before you go to bed.i heard that’s not good for your metabolism

  14. EighteenPrettyYears says

    omg I’m SUPER SUPER guilty of snacking when I’m not even hungry! I’d be watching TV or reading a book and getting bored, so I just go raid my kitchen :S I haven’t figured out a way to get rid of that horrible habit yet but it’s really really annoying^^

  15. Tip- Eat slowly this one is really easy but helps ALOT! Because you can feel when you’re full if you eat slowly! REALLY HELPS! and eat tomato it helps not wanting sweets as much:)

  16. fridafrida11 says

    Hey ! thanks for making this video ♥ you and joey are my role models , i have said it to joey and he replied it , and i am so happy for that cause … you are my rolemodels thats why 😀 ♥I love you guys <3

  17. 333Capricorn says

    These tips were very helpful indeed, but maybe you could change the camera angles sometimes?

  18. i would love to see more videos like this, brittany! thanks for the tips! my tip would be to drink water first thing when you wake up in the morning before you even brush your teeth! i drink close to a liter in the morning about an hour before i eat breakfast. it promotes good digestion and i just feel so upbeat and energized thoughout the day. not to mention after a week or so of do it your skin looks amazing and overall it leads to healthier choices throughout the day!

  19. You can never trust sports drinks, poweraid has saw dust in it! Ew D: I drank poweraid for like a week than I found out I am never going to heal mentaly from it.

  20. @HeyBritttany Lol I belive it! I drink water alot i just could never drink ONLY water all the time lol 🙂

  21. also, its good that you do different things, if you do the same thing over and over again your body gets used to it. mixing up and changing your routine shocks your body, which makes it more effective.

  22. For me, Metabolism is a huge part of my diet. I have lots of fruit and veggies, and i try to eat something every 2 hours. (nothing fatty, only like a fruit or salad.) STAY AWAY FROM CARBS AT DINNER! thats a big one hahaha, and make sure you drink 1 litre of water for every 35 kilos you weigh. and, I do at least 2 sets of cardio a week, and 2 weight sessions, upper and lower. doing weights burns fat for the next few days, and cardio burns weight for the next 30 mins after you stop. but its fast.

  23. hikarunova2083 says

    I try to eat five times per day, I do interval training and fat lost and cardio work outs 5 times a week like charliejames1975 , drink a lot of water and take my vitamins, the last ones very important.

  24. When I was training super hard for a climbing event I also started a very strict healthy eating only thing, it lasted til the holidays. It turns out I’m not cut out for denying brownies for over 7 months. I really like doing fruit smoothies for breakfast. Just throw cut, cleaned fruit in the freezer overnight. Only use fruit and water in the smoothie and its so good. It helps me get in my fruit servings for the day and quench a sweet craving.

  25. SimplySam131 says

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