I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


SHOP.life-regenerator.com * Wondering HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST? Looking for some REAL MOTIVATION to LOSE WEIGHT? Well look no further..this is it. You can do this! Love, Dan ❤ My Favorite JUICER ➜ http . . SHOP.life-regenerator.com . .

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  1. EQuaresma77 says

    This guy is godddd :)))))

  2. @29mattrog


  3. @liferegenerator luv it. Starting today

  4. lamargie67 says

    if i loose weight doing this im going to make u more famous!!!! 😉

  5. angelfiyah says

    You are preaching !!! Tell it like it is… Thank you!!!

  6. lionstar111 says

    bad food = crack cocaine

  7. TetrapakProdzekt says

    what about those bad stuff people spray on those raw green food as well as over fruits ? i guess that better then all those bad stuff in meat

  8. bankmind80 says

    I think this is one of my favorite videos Dan…I’ve watched it over 12 times and continue to watch it when I’m feeling like swaying away from the RAW food diet. I watch all your videos but this one the most when I need a good reality check. You really inspire me and your videos have helped me out a lot!!! Keep doing what your doing and may the light be with you always!!!

  9. lightningforcestrike says

    hormones don’t come from food. Come from the brain.

  10. 5tonyvvvv says

    @29mattrog Drop dead LOSER! we need less people like you on earth!!

  11. 5tonyvvvv says

    @liferegenerator Gluten and dairy is Poison! Hemp milk is great, The pharmaceutical and dairy industries just want to make MONEY!!! DAN you are the MAN!!!! GODBLESS!!

  12. kathurbahn says

    Dan, you are a SAINT!! thank you so very much for everything you do! you are AMAZING!!! xo

  13. djBC10000 says

    I just subscribed, i believe every word this man say.

  14. G0MPgomp says

    PS: Tested adding you on Facebook, but got a error, saying you already got to many requests..

  15. G0MPgomp says

    Wow! This video really inspired me! 😀 Thanks!

  16. i didnt know Jesus was on a weight loss diet lol….

  17. TheBMILLION says

    @mycal64 seriously

  18. Yesterday I put cottage cheese on my pizza instead of mozerella and I lost 30lbs overnight.

  19. youcheatyouwin says

    Awesome tips man – I decided to get in shape this summer. just got a kick ass free trial of muscle warfare. Has anyone heard of it? i got 2 weeks worth free and i feel alot stronger, my friends also said i look bigger! cant wait till week 4 – check it out bit.ly\Muscle-Warfare-Trial the trial should still be on

  20. fat2fitjuicergirl says

    Thank you so much for posting your videos! I have wanted to embark on a serious juice fast/feast for quite some time…. and watching your videos has given me the knowledge and confidence to START! Today is day 2 for me, and I plan on a minimum 10-day fast this go-round. I have a lot to lose… so I don’t plan on stopping there. I may extend the fast… or do 10 days fasting, 10 days raw, 10 days fasting, etc. God Bless you!

  21. adfadfewfrewafawefaw says

    love u man you are a true hero

  22. RosElisabeth says

    Much love. I belive that you are my most favorite person on youtube.

  23. lovelamingtons says

    Your videos inspire me! I tried to add you on facebook but it said you already had too many friend requests oh no! never mind at least I subscribed 😀

    God bless x

  24. paulomoura2 says

    @trinex7 hello i lost 10 pounds in 1 2 weeks!!! raw foods and exercises

  25. paulomoura2 says

    raw food=epic win

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