Beneficial Breathing (Sex Health Guru Tip)

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Feeling tired? Try this yoga breathing trick to energize again! When you’ve got your mojo back, keep it going with tips from:

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  1. I just saw the full version of this over at str8xxxvids(.com), it’s much better with nothing missing. It makes you sign up, but its worth it.

  2. everett151234 says

    0:31 <– She looked like she was going to kill me.



    uhhhh no

  4. 96KuliDesi says

    But this is incomplete information. You shouldn’t do it untill 3 hours of having food, basically stomach should be empty and there are many other considerations. Just to seek attention, these guys give incomplete information which can actually be harmful. Please do your research before practising.

  5. dudewtfwtf1 says

    I would do her

  6. blueprints90 says

    thanks for info!

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