Health Tip: Botox Basics (Health Guru)

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Botox is best known for its skin-tightening effects, but the million-dollar drug can do much more!

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  1. WeDoFaces says:

    Informative for everyone!

  2. IamMaximilianKohler says:

    can’t believe Health Guru is running an ad for botox….

  3. Shakibers says:

    wow that girl at 0.58

  4. SaveTheEarth552 says:

    oh yeah…lets all inject poison in our face so that we can barely smile…to me, a smile is more beautiful than a bland, lineless face

  5. pontepalascosas says:

    ya no sufran por pUTERIAS¡¡
    mejor vean mi super video

  6. imrepeto says:


  7. brunstar81 says:

    Damn you auto-play now my comment made no sense.

  8. brunstar81 says:

    I love that face that guy or is a lady makes from the crowd, like it was life threatening.

  9. noiseman89 says:

    a germany comedian/doctor said “botox might make you look 10 years younger, but also like 30 IQ points less”

  10. so what, they’re actually trying to convince ppl to just go along with this shit now? congratulations.

  11. sweetpilipina says:

    that’s right beauty on the inside not outside.. plus i love wrinkle lines on elderly, it shows their life that they’ve led.. happy lines and all..

  12. I like how no drug advertisement never takes the time to actually describe EXACTLY what the drug is or EXACTLY how it works. “It relaxes muscles…” Oh. That sounds nice and pleasant… but what does it REALLY do? For starters it is a neurotoxic protein…

  13. mrnoobguy says:

    i hate botox!!! real beauty is what matters <333

  14. magamagaaa says:

    havent seen one of these in a while..

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