CNI Core4 Weight Loss Phenomenon by Health Dynamics

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Presentation of the Core4 Weight Loss System. Demonstrate the key products, Cheat, Lean, Accelerate and Flush and how to use them to improve health and get fast weight loss results. Share shake and smoothie recipes using “Lean” and show how to sprinkle away 25% of your calorie intake by using “Cheat” on your favorite foods. Introduce business opportunity to join our team as a CNI Core4 Distributor/ Entrepreneur.

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  1. Core4HealthDynamics says

    @milwaukeeroad14027 You are absolutely right! Thanks for your comment!

  2. milwaukeeroad14027 says

    In response to rachms…good luck with that choice of which diet pill, which laxative, which fiber, and which low fat shake at WMT or GNC. Plenty of products out there and plenty of ’em simply do not work. Thermogenic fat burning doesn’t just happen. R & D, baby! The combination of products is essential. Core4 has done that homework.

  3. Core4HealthDynamics says

    @rachsmc The great thing about the Core4 product line is that you are getting a product that is proven highly effective to help people to lose weight naturally without fat blockers, harsh laxatives, or high calorie protein powders or sugary low fat shakes sold in most stores. Fiber helps you lose weight and Cheat makes it easy! Lean is only 44 calories, Flush is not just a laxative but a colon cleanse and helps with bloating. Accelerate boosts your metabolism to help burn fat! Also try Xyng!

  4. Cost? Because this just seems like a diet pill + a laxative +fiber+ a low fat shake…which I could buy at WalMart or GNC…so what makes this better?

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