Sex Tips: Women Who Can’t Have Orgasms

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it! Here’s what to do if your girlfriend or wife can’t have an orgasm.

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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  1. goonsquad20 says

    so get naked and just look stare but do we stand there and not touch at all??????

  2. sexyorgasm253 says

    The most advantageous position for a woman to experience multiple orgasms is the Woman-On-Top position. This allows her to initiate and direct most of the movements as far as how quickly and deeply she’s penetrated and she can also control the amount of stimulation to her clitoris.

  3. johnskel002 says

    as a woman who has never orgasmed, this sounds like it just might work. i already know that looking into my boyfriends eyes for a long time makes me feel a million amazing emotions 🙂 so yay i bet this’ll work! thanks for the tip

  4. Tandykane says


    Let’s not forget the effect that male circumcision has on the sexual experience for women:

    BJU INTERNATIONAL, Volume 83, Supplement 1, Pages 79-84,
    January 1, 1999.
    The effect of male circumcision on the sexual enjoyment of the female partner
    K. O’HARA and J. O’HARA

  5. bitcheznhos says

    @Masqueraderuse Just shut up, spread your butt cheeks revealing your slices and pipes, and receive your daily sploodge droppings inside your stank caverns.


  7. GREENWORLD37 says

    im women ))
    ive tired everything, even eye contact. whenever i have sex, its painful,and i dont feel anything but pain. but when my partner licks my pussy, its relaxxing and makes easy to get inside. but when he stops it, the pain comes back. please help me

  8. wintercat2 says

    @Masqueraderuse – I give my girlfriend a g-spot orgasm everytime, it may have something to do with me having 10 3/4″ just under 11″

  9. Masqueraderuse says

    Speaking from a girl’s point of view, to all you guys who think that the physical act alone can give all girls an orgasm, you are extremely naive and most of the girls you are with are probably faking it. The emotional side of sex can give a woman much more pleasure than a simple, emotionless fuck. To create a feeling of heartfelt passion in the bedroom is a definite feat and I find that it is the best way to get your lover to reach climax.

  10. @KingtheQueen im on the same boat… sigh!

  11. opendtuning says

    @opendtuning and NEVER take a pigheaded mentality into the bedroom before love making always leave your differences at the door!!!

  12. opendtuning says

    @opendtuning …with each other and really enjoy it don’t focus on her orgasm focus on a fantastic, caring, loving, experience…Also ask her about her fantasies what she would like to do during her love making that is unusual and exciting for her that You can use during the process.You can check out “Tantric” sex on utube too that is good as well.Try and both become as excited together as possible and amazing things will happen but it will take time and will be fun finding each other out too

  13. opendtuning says

    @CantorIVV hey dude! here’s the deal insert $100.000.000 into here bank account…just kidding…it’s not that important for a woman to have an orgasm not like it is for a man obviously and You will have a better chance of her reaching an orgasm if You can make love making a longer experience for example if at the moment You normally have sex for 15 minutes then try and make it for longer and take time to not rush the process try and focus on her needs before your own and try to become “one”

  14. theycallmemo666 says

    Bill Nye the Science Guy!

  15. KingtheQueen says

    ah this totally make me depressed. my boyfriend couldn’t give jack shit if i am. sigh

  16. @lexiilouwho95 you’ll take offense to this but I’m sure you’re either a teeny bopper or someone in their early 20’s… But that is the typical DUMB advice of a knowledgeless punk. 🙂 I’m sure you watch alot of porn and that is probably where you get your info.

  17. lexiilouwho95 says

    that shit dont work. its called circles wit chur tounge on her clit(:

  18. lexiilouwho95 says

    @CantorIVV g-spot is the soft smushy spot on the top inside part(: annd how the hell do you not know where a clit is? its kinda hard to miss lol

  19. maxgotborred says

    @CantorIVV get a new lady

  20. I must ask, anyone who reads this, I have tried just about everything I can to give my partner her first orgasm, nothing seems to work, We always have eye contact, I’m not an idiot who doesn’t know where the clit / G-sport is etc, and I’d hate people to gag about my size, I’m average. could anyone give me any advice?

  21. whatareyoudoingbabs says

    “I want you to stare at her until she orgasms.”

  22. MiamiPush2theLimit says

    I can’t believe men don’t know that basic eye contact is important. in ANY relationship.

  23. you’re absolutly right! making love is all about the connection between the two individuals, and not just the woman will have an orgasm but even the man will experience and fell something that they never felt!

  24. TrishCaliGirl says

    I get it it helps to build up that feeling sexual feeling. So when we r fucking it’s more intense and satifying! But my man don’t he is not into romancing n dining such a lame. I’m not triping tho another will!!!

  25. rangerstubbs76 says

    @ThePalmFilms Well, then we got off on the wrong foot and I apololgize. As far as an inferiority complex, I got over that in 1996 after being shot at in combat a few times. Regular life has been easy since. My pride doesn’t get dented much either, so it’s no problem by me. Take care.

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