Seductive Voices – Fertile Women (Sex Health Guru)

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

She might sound sexy right now, but you should know that her voice is most seductive when she’s ovulating. More Sex Health News:

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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  1. 5/10

  2. randomxfirerecording says

    score: 1

  3. sergioyeldon says


  4. I just saw the full version of this over at str8xxxvids(.com), it’s much better with nothing missing. It makes you sign up, but its worth it.

  5. FlatwoodsDairyLLC says


  6. alehax27 says

    not sexy


  7. nisamneznam says

    yea big 0

  8. SweetBrwnSuga says

    a Zero! not sexy @ all.

  9. a 8

  10. I don’t really know hun, but I do know your sex appeal would raise up if you take off your shirt.

  11. klkchristain says

    a 7

  12. GuitarRockinChick18 says

    depending on the woman’s cycle she can be most fertile. In a 28 day cycle (period to period) it is 14 days from the day of her first period. She is most fertile in the first 72 hours (3days) of ovulation (days 11-14 of 28). It depends on the woman though, if she’s not regular it could depend, but if she’s under stress she may not ovulate at all in the one month.

  13. HeroJahat88 says

    Well i know a woman whos voice turnes me on all the time, for 5 years now. does that means i shud go for it? is she fertile for like all years? By the way ur vioce i wud rate from 0 to none.

  14. I closed my eyes ,but I still don`t feel the sex appeal in your voice

  15. your voice does not sound like you are on your moon

  16. leftyjerker says

    Hormonal changes make females’ voices change during their menstrual cycle. Yes, those same hormones that make them crazy bitches! And women going through that time of the month do not sound sexy but angry. As for the person in the video, I’d have to be blind to be attracted to you.

  17. feelhighonlife says

    12 days after the 1st day of the period for about 3-5 days

  18. KnownMemory says

    That’s a Good one lol.

  19. Her Voice Sounds Like She’s Ready 2 Mate

  20. haahhha

  21. laxhockfiendmb says

    Not a bad voice… but has no sex appeal in this situation. Give us what we want… give us your best moans! :-p

  22. preposterous3637 says

    when is the time a woman is most fertile??

  23. I don’t really like your voice. It sounds too much like a child’s.

  24. WTF

  25. thelittlespoiledbrat says

    You’ll never be as spoiled as I am.

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I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! Click here...