Exercise and Fitness Video: Pilates Abs

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


A free online exercise and fitness pilates total abs workout video you can do in under five minutes! diet.com *Sponsor: Try NEW Bigelow Tea Herb Plus – www.diet.com Find more fitness videos at diet.com or own this video for just {video_description}.75!. Check Out Diet.com Video! Diet.com: www.diet.com Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel – www.youtube.com Go behind the scenes w/ Sarah’s Blog- www.diet.com Twitter twitter.com Facebook: www.new.facebook.com iTunes: tinyurl.com Sarah’s Fitness Blog – www.examiner.com

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  1. If she’s wearing a lavaliere microphone, why does the audio sound so full of echo and noise, as if being relayed by the cam’s built-in mic?

  2. Your suppose to go back to your bra strap? I guess this exercise isn’t for guys.

  3. ninaxdreamer says

    does this video actually work with toning abs?

  4. sk8erboy182 says

    omg so fake at the start

  5. pritihirani says

    is the pppssshhhh noise really necessary…ANNOYING!

  6. stellarchick03 says

    soo hard if u do it right

  7. RobertPattinsonLuv3r says

    @janeonabbq LMFAOO pshhHOOO!!

  8. omaryoumyhero says

    Nice Butt baby…

  9. Mercy217 says

    BulLsHit it doesnt Work ,, its a Crap…

  10. @rafalweb thank you for answering. I did it foe a couple of months and I just got tone and I was discourage by not loosing the weight. Now I walk/run, but is going slow…

  11. @YANET213

    This will help tone the muscles, but by itself, I don’t think there will be any weight loss. You have to loose the weight with other exercises as well, cardio, diet, etc, whatever works. Your six pack is already there, it’s just waiting to pop out when the weight goes down.

  12. hi ..umm well ussually if your neck hurts more then anything eles or your ab area then its because your ussing the wieght of your head to help you out or you might be benging your neck more to help you up..if you want another way to do situps focuss on your stomic or put on music so that your not focussed on the pressure<3 srry for the spelling

  13. FastLossWeight says

    Finally The Diet Solution here: watch?v=6LhODQFSxdM

  14. cavalierblue says

    @WapakRedskins thats because u r using ur neck while u do situps, u should keep ur neck straight looking to the ceiling, dont press ur neck to ur sternon while u exercise.

  15. Realmente funciona para eliminar estómago AQUÍ: watch?v=SLnxrV3qk4M

  16. Realmente funciona para eliminar estómago AQUÍ: watch?v=SLnxrV3qk4M

  17. WapakRedskins says

    whenever I do situps and other ab workouts when I am laying down, my neck hurts more than anything else. am I doing something incorrectly or is it normal?

    but thanks that is the most my abs have ever burned in that short amount of time. this is great!

  18. blogilates says

    This was great for my abs! Thanks

  19. By me doing this will I tone or lose weight?

  20. positivecynic86 says

    haha I had an absolute vodka ad . . . not as funny, but still a little

  21. great! but now i do it..NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  22. augustomyerss15 says

    OH my god!
    she is so hot!!!

  23. nightmare101jones says

    it did, thanks. =)


  24. PaddyWinkles2009 says

    Yes it is a good sign because that means that you are burning the fat away… hope this helped 😀

  25. geico1212 says

    funny how theres a big mac commercial on the side >>

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