Beneficial Breathing (Sex Health Guru Tip)

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Feeling tired? Try this yoga breathing trick to energize again! When you’ve got your mojo back, keep it going with tips from:

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  2. SsjTurles says:

    I hate this Westernized, Aristotle bullshit. This is so inefficient when compared to authentic, traditional Nadi Shodana. They neglect to mention the very fundamental meridian connections that need to be established using the liquid chakra channels in the ring-finger. Ignorance & improper teaching.

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  5. Basicly just breathe like an idiot :p … Or you could breathe like normal people do …
    Inhale through nose then exhale through mouth.

  6. joshuakbrown200 says:

    why do they just keep repostong old videos?

  7. crbassassin says:


  8. first

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