3 Ways to Appear Awkward to Women

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Greg D Crosariol is extremely awkward and attempts to teach you how to pick up women. TWITTER twitter.com FACEBOOK apps.facebook.com ITUNES 3.ly MERCH petercoffin.viralprints.com IPHONE APP http ANDROID APP 3.ly

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  1. oliviacnb says


  2. apokpoko says

    whats the original video name???

  3. Lmao that’s awkward

  4. HMoodRess says

    Look who’s teachin us how E attract women ¬_______¬

  5. I wonder how your gf feels ?? …
    Oh wait shit I forgot she’s made up

    Lmaoo is that what you call your blow up doll ???

  6. rickyay26 says

    lol this is how u got ur gf huh peter? lmao!

  7. You know as much about women as i do about Estonian dialects!


    even BEFORE the whole fake girlfriend thing, I wouldn’t have found this too funny after stumbling upon it. Sorry Peter Coffin, go back to your old job.

  9. KellyKorean says

    LMFAO this guy fails so hard… Your career is fucked, you dirty racist Jew. LMFAO dating yourself for almost a year.. HAHAH!! You actually had the time to talk and flirt with yourself which you epicly failed at.. LMAO come on.. The FIRST time I saw your “18 year old Japanese girlfriend” I knew who she was… It turns out to be a 32 year old Korean actress that’s famous all over Korea for crying out loud.. I mean out of ALL people.. why fake a star? Theres Hangul all over the fucking pictures!

  10. lmfao this guy is a fucking loser

  11. NonRandomUser says

    Alternatively, some (SOME) of those newer subscribers might be people interesting in following this train wreck.
    Waiting for a new upload, just to jump in with more (richly deserved) ridicule. (Actual death threats, however, seem a bit extreme.)
    Although with Peter claiming (as usual, he’s full of shit) to leave the interwebs behind for awhile, new videos may not be as forthcoming as some would like.

  12. android2point2 says

    he actually started attacking xiaxue by calling her a fake, how ironic.then when people started to find out about his FAKE girlfriend he said he was tricked by an imposter, google this situation and you’ll find that he said he had sex with her on twitter. THUMBS UP SO EVERYONE KNOW WHAT CREEP HE IS

  13. android2point2 says

    @r8azn he spends all his time creating new accounts to thumbs up his vid and suscribing to him

  14. Why the hell is his subscribers number for his main channel going up? People should be unsubscribing this loser. His vids are not funny/entertaining. Come on people make this guy regret he quit his job for YouTube and unsubscribe. He does not deserve to be a YouTube partner. No one who obviously has a problem with asian girls (probably got rejected by so many real asian girls) should have 200,000 subs.

  15. this guy is going to be knowed as the GUY WITH A FAKE GF for the rest of his life……he walks down the street….then someone would say “hey is that the guy with the FAKE GF..hey fake GF guy have you met a new FAKE GF cause you broke up with your previous FAKE GF.wow all of his video should be posted on FAILBLOG channel. thumbs up if you agree


  17. This is ironic. The guy you are making fun of probably has a real girlfriend. You, Peter Coffin, have a made-up one. Congratulations!!!

  18. 8 months ago, Peter Coffin lost his dignity by taking images of a beautiful girl and defaming her by posting those pictures as his “girlfriend’s”
    Today, Peter Coffin loses his “girlfriend” (literally known as his right hand)
    Tomorrow, Peter Coffin loses his subscribers…

  19. HarvardAlumnus says

    What’s worst is how Lee Na Young (the girl he used for his fake girlfriend’s pictures) must feel after all of the disgusting things you posted (made-up posts about how she used to show her vagina to boys for toys) with her identity, photos, and face online.That was so selfish, and you really need to start questioning the value of your existence and whether it would be better to kill yourself or not. You failure.Please thumbs up so the pathetic trash (Peter Coffin) and others will learn of this.

  20. undisputed4life says

    What would you know about talking to women? You’re the one who made a fake girlfriend.

  21. Llamafish26 says

    Ur not funny .

  22. Edmundo89 says

    i bet this awkward guy has better chances than you of getting a real girlfriend
    you probably should follow his advice

  23. miidniightsunriise says

    pause at 4:14 and enjoy. remeber that face because he’s coming to rape you tonight. 🙂

  24. TheShaanKay says

    Haha, you have a fake girlfriend

  25. NonRandomUser says

    Peter Peter, Hateful Tweeter,
    Found XiaXue and did mistreat her,
    She shot back, exposed his fraud,
    The ‘net approved and did applaud.

    Peter Peter, Liar and Cheater,
    Tried and failed; he can’t defeat her,
    Currently has a score of Zero,
    My advice? He should AN HERO.

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