Rebounder Exercise Tips

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Diana shows you an easy way to exercise at home without a lot of equipment, check newer videos to see how a year of jumping on her new Fitness Trampoline has reshaped her! Subscribe! Share! Like! Buy my favorite Fitness Trampoline: Roundorama Blog: Twitter: The Round Diet Book:

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  1. Love rebounding, and glad I found you on Youtube…….you are helpful and an inspiration thanks.

  2. FitHealthyMom says

    Awesome, love your videos. Rebounding is so much fun!

  3. I love the idea of this. I just brought a mini trampoline I just wonder if anybody knows of a free video site for exercising on a mini tramp.

  4. dmjohn1463 says

    God bless you. Thank you

  5. roundlady says

    @xchelsiax Funny thing…I still recommend the rebounder, but use hand weights. Your entire body, upper and lower will get firm and tight…pretty in your words.

  6. roundlady says

    @luvmkup Good for you…you then know what I’m talking about and I bet you are in great shape!

  7. roundlady says

    @gothdolly84 I will be posting a rebounder video review next week, but for now look up ReboundAir. So far they are the best.

  8. roundlady says

    @gothdolly84 Thanks!

  9. roundlady says

    @jenevajones991 Yes it does matter and I’m going to post a video about it next week. But I can tell you for now the winner is any ReboundAIR rebounder.

  10. jenevajones991 says

    This looks so fun, I want to try it, does it really matter which brand I buy, they all look pretty much alike to me, and money’s tight, but I bet I’d actually do this!

  11. Just to point out that ladies should wear a really good sports bra otherwise they will damage the ligaments in the breasts

  12. meow0meow7 says

    Squeaky rebounder is squeaky.

  13. johnny102marvin says

    It’s a good idea that the American people start rebounding and eating a healthy diet because we now have government run medicine. The government can’t run anything…

  14. gothdolly84 says

    What a cool idea!

  15. gothdolly84 says

    Where could you get these mini-trampoline’s?

  16. I love rebounding. It’s the one exercise I do consistently.

  17. Any weather, anytime … I do 15 …20 or 30 minute sessions thx r lady great tips… Keep on bouncing,Bob

  18. It’s on my list!

  19. Could you maybe do a vidio focusing on lower stomic excercises??
    Thankks…love your vidios!!

  20. @khloe38 Very cool! Start slowly, like 5 minutes, then 10, then 20, until you can go for 30 minutes easily. before you know it you will have a hard time trying to stop and can go for over an hour. let me know how it goes! I’ll also be doing more rebounder videos.

  21. @xchelsiax Hi – I will be doing a video on toning and shaping your arms, legs and butt. So stay tuned!

  22. Thanks! I may get one with Christmas money :). What do you do for upper body exercises? and what do you recommend for getting pretty arms and butt?

  23. I can’t believe I just brought home a rebounder! 🙂
    Saw one at Sports Authority for $49. They only had around 4 or 5 display models left so it was already set up. I’ve got it in my living room now and can’t wait to start using it. I may play on it tonite, but most likely will wait until the weekend. The model I got is called BodyFit. Not the model I was looking for after going online but it seems it will do the trick for now. Thanks for the tip! It looks like fun!

  24. Well – i will asked my boyfriend who owns a yoga center. Do you think people would be open on (my channel) to watch an older guy teaching yoga exercises? Brittany thinks it might be dorky.

  25. Thanks! I have been a survivor for 13 years. And I love Brittany too, she actually helped me save my life!

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I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! Tell us what...