Mens Health Medicine Ball Ab Workout Challenge

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Medicine balls add weight to workouts, and a great workout challenge for men involves using a medicine ball to work out the core and abs. Discover a variety of exercises that can be performed with a medicine ball with helpful tips in this free video on ab exercises.

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  1. SuperLarry4 says:

    This is really a good workout, I am seeing results. Also, why are all medicine balls made from a cancer causing chemical? I found one that wasn’t but it isn’t the same kind of rubber.

  2. @2379030
    Ima stvarno strašnih stvari…ima strast i volju …10..


  4. what’s that sound she’s making?hahaha

  5. knee off the floor boom pow 😀

  6. pow !! awesome !!!

  7. pacificloon says:

    This chick is cool.

  8. TheJoemamma70 says:

    Good workout!!!! Thanks

  9. kissable555 says:

    omg thats great I’m gonna try that!!Thank You!!

  10. kissable555 says:

    omg thats great I’m gonna try that!!

  11. bet shes WILD in the bed! god damn

  12. Hi
    I just want to let you know that your video are great , you are right to the point without any extra non sense, I will keep all your video and do them , I can not believe I use to pay so much to learn the same things.

    Tank you great job

  13. i’d tap that

  14. ThePmull001 says:


  15. A7XHellBlaze says:

    Love the effort! Cheeeeahh!!

  16. cherrypiefreak says:

    is she on a drugs or what?!

  17. reddchicken says:

    sounds like she’s having an orgasm, kinky!

  18. SaurabhArthur0360 says:

    she’s awesome.. I love her attitude… keep it up !!

  19. rmsolympic1 says:

    @flashyfromrussia And the medicine ball likes her, too:)

  20. rmsolympic1 says:

    Nice exercises and searing hot Lady

  21. ivanyoulube says:

    and thats how you do it with a medicine ball!

  22. shea!

  23. Lovelypriya07 says:

    great energy……keep it up

  24. ilovemeyouloveme92 says:

    she is so underrated…


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