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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it! – Man Fitness Tips | Man Fitness Guide Fat Man, Never Think That Weight Has Something to Do With Fitness Men are considered voracious eaters, besides acquiring some bad habits such as drinking and smoking. They are not aware of their bodys health, until one day, they have realized that fats have already invaded their stamina dramatically diminishing them. However, there is always a misconception that weight is directly associated with fitness. So, the tendency is to look for different methods on how to burn fats. It is a fact that weight has some effects on your fitness especially if you are overweight. The only thing that will affect your fitness is related on how you do your exercises. You can start to improve your body and stay in shape if you exercise. In return, you can slim down your body. If your goal is losing weight and maintain it, then you should be thinking about working on your entire physical fitness than simply reducing some portion of your normal diet. This is the wrong way of losing weight. Your fitness plan must start with doing your exercises. Never think of your weight, just do your exercises. To learn more about man fitness guide please visit

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  1. MrBarrettken says:

    What about skinny men that aren’t fat but just no muscles.
    Is their hope for us? I don’t want to put on weight, Just muscles.
    Is there hope?

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