Shaving/Grooming Tips For Men

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Woo! If you don’t like having your jawline feel like sandpaper, this might be helpful for you! Just a few tips and tricks to help achieve a closer shave, and not kill your skin while doing so. I did research and looked up reviews and everyone seems to love Gilette’s Mach series razors. Pre shave & Shaving: Post Shave: The above links are for the following brands: Art of Shaving Jack black Zirh Anthony Logistics Aveda: Kiehl’s: Let everyone know in the comments if you know of any other products that are amazing, or any tips!!

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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  1. Dr3amstate says

    @guinnessbeerable LMAO. I know this is possibly a serious question but that’s funny as hell x)

  2. harsamohomad says

    Learn how to meet BBW women

  3. guinnessbeerable says

    look at 2.38

  4. guinnessbeerable says

    damn this is so helpful thank you so much can you help me with my pubes??

  5. wat about using clippers

  6. hobbit2009 says

    you do not remove 2 layers of skin…..

  7. donatojrlovesGod says

    nice tips bro!

  8. is ‘de-puff’ really a word

  9. AViTionsHip13 says

    thankssssssssss i been doing all the wrong thing X(

  10. donniedarko88888 says

    @Lonewolf777able the real question is can he even grow a beard?

  11. donniedarko88888 says

    and what should i do if i have a real beard growing from my face?

  12. purchase the book hair loss & replacement for dummies

  13. jordansweetn says

    @AllSortsOfVideos123 in the best way possible

  14. I love that art on the wall!

  15. Lonewolf777able says

    @dreadloxxxx and after I shave my face gets irritated when I touch it or try to dry it a few days after shaving…help?

  16. Lonewolf777able says

    @dreadloxxxx hey I have ingrown hairs right up to my eyes…what do you think I should do?

  17. dreadloxxxx says

    yes i do!

  18. Lonewolf777able says

    do you even shave?

  19. Lonewolf777able says

    Niceeee advice man….like the way you explain things it’s kinda funny and cool at the same time

  20. natesmom2244 says

    @coffeemiloteasugar for razor burn rash i suggest using tend skin can buy it at sephora and for a moisturizer use murad razor burn rescue. Your rash will dissappear after a couple days just make sure you stick to it.

  21. Pieisforme says

    Not a guy but I will be referring my boyfriend to this video.

  22. shadow123dog says

    how did you spike your hair

  23. im gay

  24. @nasurdan wtf

  25. Nice Daft Punk tee!

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