Fitness Tips : Full-Body Dumbbell Workout Plan

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

When doing a full-body dumbbell workout, it’s important to use comfortable dumbbells and to start with large muscle groups. Learn about exercises to do with dumbbells, such as squats and triceps extensions, withhelp from a personal trainer in this free video on dumbbell workout plans. Expert: Stephen Smith Contact: Bio: Stephen Smith is the owner and operator of Viva Fitness and is contracted out at Urban Body Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

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  1. priestsvalley1 says:

    It’s art, dumbass……………ha aha h

  2. smilealotz1 says:

    @jask32 its called art something you wouldnt understand

  3. nikki5790 says:

    @jask32 i’m pretty sure it’s a canvas painting with red and yellow painted splattered, because if you look to the left side at the same time, there seems to be a similar one with blue paint

  4. Jericho1706 says:

    This is useful, thanks

  5. reuterrage says:

    some guy blew his hernia

  6. Zeroxify13 says:

    WTF. I thought he was talking the beginning LOL

  7. kilaniga20 says:


  8. @jask32 Don’t do this guy’s workout or it’s your blood on the wall!

  9. neharahansamali says:

    Finest Be Naughty women

  10. hes so gay…

  11. @JellyFarmUK lol..i think u right

  12. NotoriousBIG200 says:

    @jask32 Its a pic wat else, just liek the one on the left, but yeh red on white looks liek blood lol

  13. how much weight are u using?

  14. JellyFarmUK says:

    @jask32 That’s the remains of the last guy who told him he was gay…

  15. TheMitchellhart says:

    nice tris but work on the bies

  16. TheSuperAGuzman says:

    yea wtf! nikkah probably killed someone!

  17. Bigdog7499 says:

    @SAUL149 or paint just like the blue on the left

  18. so cool thank you sir

  19. What the hell is on the wall from 0:01 to 0:04 in the right hand corner? Looks like blood is splattered all over it.

  20. is hammer curls better the bicep curls?does it show more improvement

  21. isnt that too light?
    whats its weight actually?

  22. trafotevoli says:


    He probably is not using steroids then.

  23. vingents says:

    nice video..thanks!

  24. when you do the bench press your chest need to respond? cause mine wont respond 🙁 maybe i dont to it well

    (resopond=hurt a little)

  25. Myerstone85 says:

    zoom out jerkweed cameraman, i cant see whats going on

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