The Best Exercise for LOWER ABS: Part 1 of 5

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

The Best Way to Exercise with Doug Jones A simple, yet effective, exercise for the lower abdominal muscles. Part 1 of 5. Please watch all of the other FREE abdominal clips on my channel or go to http for the smartest and speediest solution to strength, stamina, stretching, and sustenance. Stand Firm with Doug Jones

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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  2. xFreaKyxHitz says

    once again another miss leading picture!

  3. wow. i love how many sexual remarks are made. pretty stupid i must say. but thanks for the tips bro.

  4. I’d tap her.

  5. Lower abs?

    How the hell does that work? The rectus abdominus is one muscle. It shortens across it’s length like all muscles and it’s responsible for flexing the lumbar spine.

    You can’t work the ‘lower abs’ any more than you can work the upper or lower calf.

    Why can’t people posting this rubbish get some decent qualifications or at least read a book on how the body works…

  6. i think more mens thand womman watch this

  7. Good Video / “Click on My Name” for ‘Best of the Web’ #1 Muscle Program !

  8. how does this guy have12 million views?

  9. xxfanaticox says


  10. AgUsTeEnNeEtTaAa98 says

    0.25. parece que le iva a meter la mano en otro lado

  11. uuhhh…..not! Everybody go to “Burpee” she’ll tell ya how to do it! GRR!

  12. Take this down. Do yourself a favor.

  13. What a dishonest SOB.



  16. Obese?? Don’t worry….Check my video….
    Luv, Irinia

  17. Could some of you pls check out my workout vid and tell me what you think about it? 🙂 Also,check out me benching 162 lbs.

  18. DarkSydeDave says

    this guy is a stupid fuck..hes a fat fuck whos fat he doesnt even know what hes doing

  19. downloadstuffgames says

    thats how thy get money?? smh posting false thumbnails to attract attention, shame… THIS IS AMERICA NO ONE WANTS TO WORK OUT WE JUST WANT TO SEE HOT BABES SQUATING

  20. mybluebelly says

    There`s nothing cooler than a good looking 6-pack. It`s always a WIN 😉

  21. Trueblue1tres says

    Oh crap this guy again? Judging by his ugly track suit, what is this video from 1986?
    I was the 12,347,936th person to be duped into believing this was actually worth watching.

  22. Rickilicious says

    Well, at least this video is in 240p and not 1080 or anything. God forbid you take 10 extra minutes for better advertisement.

  23. MisterIndividualGuy says

    @cedrik93 well then dude go look at some fucking dyke as porno. hopefully that will make you happy to see two whores fingering each other. gtfo, dude

  24. I lolled at the Big Mac commercial right before the video.

  25. pu33yassassin says

    Put the old thumbnail back up.

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