Men’s Health Grooming Guide 2008.

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Get tips for grooming this year with the Men’s Health Grooming Pocket Guide.

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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  1. bnmvghjfyghjtyj says

    Think about your marriage and get a trusted women

  2. donaldfiebing says

    Die ganze Zeit wird erzählt, sowas langweiliges. Wer produziert sowas.?

  3. @GolcondaIndia So true. 2 thumbs up to you!

  4. slash1syn1 says

    Hello, may i know how can i get one of these Men’s Health Grooming Pocket Guides?? thank you!

  5. GolcondaIndia says

    but you can fuck a lot of girls for free if you look clean & hot and the only way to be attractive is to have good grooming.

    noby wants to fuck ugly men right? yuck!

  6. ThisIsRickyGervais says

    we get beaten up if we do..

  7. i agree. i need a gay friend. they know how to do it

  8. XerxesOmicron says

    damn straight. and if there was a puppy, I’d kick it.

  9. finally! Men you are allowed to take care of your skin and look good. And get this! It doesn’t mean you are gay!! I am gay and trust me just because you do this does not mean I would be hitting you… take the time for yourself and be your better self inside and out. Peace to all and Happy Holidays Guys!!

  10. FloorOfTheForest says

    Fuck grooming. I didn’t wash my hair once for about three years. If there was a kitten under my feet right now, I would stamp on it.

  11. I also like the advice in Grooming Secrets For Men – i found it on Amazon and also at thestylishman site

  12. MoBiggerDOTcom says

    Grooming is only half of the picture…nonetheless this is a great video.

  13. thetattytruth says

    yeah right! good observation

  14. MADEDITOR05 says

    Seriously shave before talking about grooming that look does not work for you.

  15. Homoud0072 says

    this is bullshit
    men is men
    no need for skin care shit 😛

  16. moumou360 says

    why diesnt this guy get groomed before talking about it!? :p

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