Men’s Health Q&A: Penis Enlargement

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Dr. Jonty Heaversedge talks about consequences of penis enlargement.

What do you think?

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  1. fukumimisohoni says

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  3. Lmao at 1:25

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  7. growtallernaturally says

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  8. @jaredATLhaws22 U want fast money, sell crack. lool. Im just joking man, im not judging you. Good luck with those bills.

  9. jaredATLhaws22 says

    I agree i figured that would be a good way to make fast money to pay bills that piled up, but you are right thats not the right way to do it!

  10. @jaredATLhaws22 spaammmm…. lool, ur not foolin anybody buddy.

  11. DifRintRadio says

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  12. Janela816 says

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  14. nightzone1990 says

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  15. afdsbgadfbdfbdfbsdfb says

    @youlosez u got a sense of humor thats a start lol

  16. enlargepenisnow says

    loool i wouldn’t let them eitheir!! I used penis exercises to enlarge my penis and they worked great! no sharp objects near my penis plz! lool learn how i did it on my channel =)

  17. I’m not letting anyone near my little soldier with anything sharp.

  18. fuck that I still want a bigger dic

  19. thanks, ill keep that in mind

  20. mjhmjh9090 says

    @yttihp11 no bro, u wont hurt her if u know how to use it, and yest ull grow more, i have the same problem, m 20 now and m bout 10.3inches, and the best size is 9

  21. @rescuer1983 seeing as your a doctor can i ask you something. im 14 and my penis size when erected is 8.9 inches, im worried especially as im only 14. will i hurt women when i have sex?

  22. I am a doctor and i agree with this doctor. I know onething from my experience that what woman wants is hardness and friction while stroking. 3-4 inches are enough to satisfy a woman if you have got perfect erection and that can be measured by touching the stem of your penis and you will the hardness..

  23. MrRonyantony says

    thank u for ur advice

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