Exercise & Fitness Tips : What Are the Positive Effects of Running?

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


The positive effects of running include improved cardio respiratory function, efficiently losing weight and burning calories. Improve the body through running, both physically and emotionally, with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise. Expert: Sam Moore Bio: Sam Moore is the fitness manager for the Lakewood 24 Hour Fitness. Filmmaker: stephen kuykendall

What do you think?

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  1. kosamaofficial says

    Nice video…very informative

  2. I have asthma and I really started to lose my breath after a 3 year break in basketball. I have to take small breaks even within a mile because of my problem so I can’t run very long distance, right away. Would one mile a day start to increase my endurance ‘cardiovascular wise?’ because long range running I just don’t see happening.

  3. this is talk about the benefits of CARDIO…. not running.. or are you trying to tell me running does all this better than swimming or rowing?

    no. it is the cardio that helps, and it doesn’t really matter HOW you do that cardio, am i right?

  4. madness400 says

    Learn to spell.

  5. Av3ryNicole says

    hey:) your a jack a**

  6. wow man.. your comment is so stupid that im suprised to even reply… Chimps? ur a fucked up person.

  7. proconsulaugustus says

    I love watching street chimps try to speak correctly. As far as..such as…. bla bla bla. This guy knows jack about running. Basically he said that if you run, you will get into better shape. Why is this guy on youtube again?

  8. domenicierullo says

    you’re an idiot.

  9. nubsobil says

    nigger running

    positive effect: not get caught by the police

  10. KingAttle says

    this dipshit knows fuckall about running

  11. One of the best ways to lose belly fat is to do weighted abs. Weight abs , help to make you abs muscles budgle out more.

    Another VERY important factor is your diet.Eating six small meals a day is very helpful. Try to eat most of your carbs and fruits in the morning so you have time to burn the fight.


    8:00 Carb / Protein / Fruit
    10:00 Carb / Protein /
    11:30Carb / Protein /
    1:30 Protein /Vegtable
    3:30 Protein /Vegtable
    5:50 Protein /Vegtable

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  12. Running is very good for the heart, one of the best exercises , you just have to be carfeful with yout knees though.

  13. TRUGEM614 says

    your all idiots running is running but the factor is you must beat the shit out of your heart.. and then everything will fall into place like run swim and lift.. that is free advice dum shits!!

  14. skilife12345 says


  15. joshome4 says

    man i ran cross country last year and i sucked!
    this summer im gonna start up running again.

  16. If you run longer than 4 Months everywhere you go, youll feel so much better just by starting to run or even think of running 😉

  17. Now I wanna go running! 😀

  18. Turtledove8 says

    And the famous runner’s high

  19. RonaldinhoC12 says

    running is cool especially in the mornings when its about 65 not too hot not too cold

  20. 100%right

  21. Nice post man, now I just gotta light a fire under my old butt and get out there.

  22. i run all the time. love running.

  23. mistral789 says

    Hmm, I need to go running!

  24. jo commmmii by slovak

  25. Twiningstea92 says

    Yeh thanks

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