Exercise & Fitness Tips : How to Run the 40-Yard Dash Faster

I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


To run the 40-yard dash faster, begin a resistance training regime, stretch the body well and create lean, long muscles that encourage faster speeds. Train for the 40-yard dash a few months before the race with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise. Expert: Sam Moore Bio: Sam Moore is the fitness manager for the Lakewood 24 Hour Fitness. Filmmaker: stephen kuykendall

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  1. beastlybeast62696 says

    @bryatan007 Its not speedy but its decent

  2. beastlybeast62696 says

    whats a good time for a freshman wide receiver?

  3. seth08panthers says

    @Ant8182ify ok yeah he is fast but not 4.3 if u want to see what a realy running back looks like go look up Gerald Turner High lights legend at my school

  4. footballkiller33 says

    @gearsfan165 i ran a 5.0 my freshman year now im a jr and i run a 4.8. im really tryin to get to a 4.5 tho

  5. Ant8182ify says

    lol yall slow my 40 is a 4.43 lol and my boy devon ivy ran a 4.3..look him up on his highlights

  6. Thanks for the video good info

  7. @angrylaserhobo

  8. BrysonSao101 says

    @13showzilla thats HILARIOUS!

  9. gearsfan165 says

    @beastlybeast62696 thanks finallly someone not talking bullshit.

  10. beastlybeast62696 says

    @gearsfan165 it depends what position is ur a QB lineman or WR. But for the average like under 5.2 wwould be considered pretty damn good

  11. Murrihy321 says

    @angrylaserhobo im not black you racist inbred cunt go put a bullet in your head no one likes you. Your a failure,a coward the only thing that makes your sad life better is making people feel bad. You should have been drowned at birth now fuck off you pussy.

  12. angrylaserhobo says

    @Murrihy321 nigger faggot

  13. Murrihy321 says

    @angrylaserhobo dickhead

  14. MaestroKong says

    @aldm41 4.8 is that good? I get 4.8 but still searching forms cuz nfl people do them in 4.2 – 4.6. So why not?

  15. MaestroKong says

    @13showzilla maybe he meant to say that he can run a 4.53 in his manga? Don’t mind what people put in the internet. No point in knowing their times anyways.

  16. iamcool346 says

    im 2 days old and i run the 40 in .82 seconds. mutha fuckas

  17. angrylaserhobo says

    I can run 1.5sec 30 yards and I’m only 4 years old, you fuckers are all slowfags.

  18. 13showzilla says

    its funny how theres a kid on here who’s 13 and runs a 4.53 but his channel is filled with naruto and manga shit

  19. gearsfan165 says

    hey im in 8th grade i can run the 40 yard in 0.69 seconds!!!……………please people stop lieing about your 40 no one cares. now can someone that isnt a lieing fag tell me what a good time would be for a student going into his freshmen year?

  20. gearsfan165 says

    @Kyoshiro797 nice lie pal

  21. i haven’t even been born yet and i run a 4.2! i bench 450lbs squat 789lbs and eat nazi war criminals for breakfast!

    please ppl. no one cares what your forty time is. and if you do post it, be honest. i doubt anybody who runs a 4.8 would search “make ur forty time better”

  22. travisvshero says

    hey guys im 7 years old an i jog the forty yard dash in 2.67 seconds rofl fuckin liers

  23. burton2156 says

    @Kyoshiro797 – does lying make you feel better about yourself?

  24. phxbird602 says

    i can run my forty in 4.82 im in 8th grade i’ve takin the forty 25 times to see what my real time is and it came in the 4.8’s all the time my current one is 4.82

  25. IrIShfoOtBaLL20 says

    i wonder if that kid who says he runs a 4.5 is mental

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