Allergy: Your Questions Answered

Written in the popular question and answer format of the Your Questions Answered series, this resource provides all of the information primary care providers need to understand allergies and to deliver effective care. The information is up to date, evidence-based, and appropriate for sharing with patients and families who wish to learn more about the nature of the disease and the various management options. Answers the questions that are frequently asked by patients. Discusses both commonplace and rarer issues. Covers all of the drug treatments available today, including their benefits and side effects. Explores treatments currently under development. Includes useful information on web sites and associations.1. Allergy and allergens 2. Asthma 3. Hay fever 4. Perennial rhinitis 5. Ocular allergy 6. Anaphylaxis 7. Angioedema and urticaria 8. Eczema and dermatitis 9. Food allergy 10. Occupational allergies 11. Allergy in children 12. Complementary therapies 13. Travel and allergy Appendices: Referen

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