Real Mexican Food for People with Diabetes

bDoris Cross/bwas diagnosed with diabetes in 1996. More than 200,000 of her popular cookbooks are in print, includingiFat Free and Ultra Lowfat Recipes, Fat Free 2,/iandiDoris’ Fat-Free Homestyle Cooking./ibFinally! Food with Southwest Flair for Diabetics—and Their Families!br/bDear Friends,brAfter being diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago, I decided to follow up my bestselling bookiFat Free and Ultra Lowfat Recipes/iby writing a cookbook of tasty dishes for diabetics. There was such a terrific response from folks around the country toiReal Food for People with Diabetes/ithat I decided it was time we had our own cookbook of America’s favorite ethnic food, Mexican and Southwestern cooking. As a diabetic, I still want all the old favorites and comfort foods I grew up with instead of the boring and bland choices normally available. And when it comes to Mexican food, I love the spicy flavors and zest of the real thing. So, as I’ve done before, I developed recipes for authentic-tasting dishes that are lowfat and low-calorie—deliciousiand/ihealthful.brNow, you too can savor enchiladas, tamales, and burritos filled with cheese, sour cream, refried beans, and chunky salsa and still maintain a safe, healthy, diabetic diet. Each quick, hassle-free recipe includes a nutritional breakdown and lists the diabetic exchanges to take the work out of cooking for a diabetic lifestyle.brTo your good health and enjoyment,briDoris/ibrWith this collection of more than 150 enticing soups, salads, side dishes, entrées, and desserts you will find it easy to limit fat without sacrificing flavor. Enjoy “real Mexican foods” such as:brFiesta Tortilla Corn Chowder · Chicken Taco Salad · Cheesy Nachos · Green Chili Quesadillas · Meaty Zesty Chili · Southwest Grilled Steaks · Veggie Fajitas · Blackened Chicken Enchiladas · Skillet Southwest Potatoes · Jalapeño Corn Bread wi@Vvffffg ¾Û€

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